Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm Back!

Thank you for your nice certainly has been a blur yet I still function. It is a strange way to live.

I thought that I had lost my "umph" as I am continually tired even though I eat well, have returned to exercise and taking vitamin pills. However last night I felt human again.

I mentioned in a previous blog that I met an older man on a return flight home & we abandoned our luggage, hired a car & drove 6 1/2 hours home together yet we were total strangers. At the end of the journey we knew alot about each other. He is from Salford & it turns out that he designed my godmothers kitchen & his wife was her husbands badminton partner for 20 years!

Last night he came for dinner with his daughter & family! I have to admit that I was a little nervous as we have not seen each other since June however we had a great night.

The ice was easily broken when my 5 year old lifted their 6 year olds dress up & peeked in her knickers! Talk about wanting an Amtrak speed train to knock you down right there & then! Thank god they were OK about it!

We are seriously looking for a therapist for our boy!

His daughter & husband are also from Salford so it was great to hear some "home reminder" accents. We all hit it of well & will continue to stay in touch.

I have to say that even though my mum has gone this was meant to be. I feel as if I met Mr D for a reason & now we have new friends from the UK if we feel homesick.

I know it is a bit Enid Blytonish however I was raised on her "Famous Five" books!

Thanks mum, I really miss you.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wish me luck!

Sad, sad news mum my passed away July 1st after being diagnosed with cancer only 10 weeks ago!

The reality of the situation has not hit me yet as it just amazes me that life goes on as if nothing as ever happened. The kids continue to fight, you go to work, flowers come & go, food still needs to be bought, cooked & cleared away.

I feel like the world should stop for some reason.

I cannot really grieve yet as I need to be in the UK with my siblings & just let go. Something us English are not too good at!

Of course going home entails yet another flight issue to overcome. Please US Airways be on time, clean and just get me home.