Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Metamorphosis

So here I go from a mummy to a working professional..... it is a strange feeling.

I have always worked part time whilst looking after my babies so I felt that I still had my skills. Yes I knew the pc & its various packages, how to dress and behave professionally, how to juggle kids, running a house, staying fit & eating healthy. I am a great multi tasker and do my bit for the community, charities and volunteering however I guess the past three weeks have been a killer.

I had to work full time & travel whilst training which resulted in my having to ask for favours picking up & dropping kids off at their activities which I loathe doing. I guess I like to be in control! My poor Molly (the dog) was not happy at having no mummy around for at least a few hours during the day. The cat did not like to be thrown out in the morning & not be let back in until 4pm when the kids got home. The kids loved the getting home, eating whatever they wanted & then watching crap on the TV! Meals were served late, reading was skipped and by week three we were one grumpy family!

This week I am doing my normal hours which are only 20 a week over 5 days including Saturday...yuck! So life should get a little better. The job is still very demanding with so many variations I doubt I will ever get my head around it! It seems that constant tests are the way of life over here so I either get used to it or dump it!

I was trying to be conscientious so I tried to do an exam at home after number 3 was in bed. In one hour I was interrupted by the cat, the dog, number 1, number 2 and then Sir L (he had a cup of tea for me but since I was trying to finish my exam he took the rath of my temper! Poor Man! Needless to say I failed the exam so I was really pissed off as I will have to retake it!

Expat Mum I have gone into banking in reply to your question a few weeks ago!

Let’s see if I make it!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I may have sounded a little conceited on my last blog post  worrying about my darling Cadburys when the poor people of Haiti are struggling to survive & not wallow in chocolate! So this post is dedicated to the Haitians.

This morning as I walked Molly the sun was rising over the fresh snow and it was gob smackingly gorgeous. If only I had my camera with me! I felt as if the world was at mistaken was I?

I came home all refreshed to see that Haiti had been hit with yet another earthquake. 

What makes the earth do this yet again to a struggling country? How can it be so gorgeous in the morning in one part of the world yet crippling and killing in other parts?

My thoughts go out to the Haitiains, the people who are flying out there to help the survivors and to re-build their country. May you all be safe.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Disaster has struck!

No I have not been sacked well not yet anyway!

Can you believe that Kraft have bought out my darling, most yummiest, "comforting in my hour of need" Cadburys chocolate?

Oh my god! What a disastrous start to the day!

Cadburys in the UK is a family business that has been kindled with loving care. Oh please do not let Kraft with their plastic cheese crucify what they have established over all of these years!

I am tempted to fly over to the UK and buy hundreds of pounds of Cadburys before it has that god damn awful molasses added to it and the customer service department are based in India! 

People of Cadburys land my thoughts are with you!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Conclusion of new career!

So I feel like I've been put in a vice & squeezed too tightly.

Why you may ask?

This is what you wear, this is what you say, this is how you wear your make up and your hair must be groomed.

Oh yes swallow an encyclopedia 6 times a day. Then take an average of 5 tests followed by final exams every day! NO burping allowed! If you do not get 80% RE-SIT YOU DUNCE!

Oh yes the CRD hits the PDO followed by the CC and do not forget the rule of FF that splits 3 ways & can be affected by the law of YYY! All this is in one sentence! Multiply this by 5 million a day & then take a few tests!

Holy Shit! It’s killing me.

Will I make it? Not too sure!

Do you like your new job Daffodilly???????

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thank you blogger friends for your kind words.

Well the surgery is complete & she has a very wadded metal casted hand..god only knows how she will write.

She was a mess yesterday with lots of pain but today looked a little brighter.

I had to go to work so Sir L stepped into parental mode...very hard for me to let that role go! She will be off school for a few more days & needs to learn to write/type left handed.

Photo to follow soon.

Thank you again for your kind comments & Mr Annoymous please stop contaminating my blog.......

Sunday, January 10, 2010

More broken bones!

So my darling daughter has a broken probs I thought after the ER visit which took forever as the place was full of broken skiers! I was sure that they would tape it up and she would have to be careful for a few weeks!

Oh not my girl! Apparently she has broken her growth plate at the top of the finger which has caused the tendon to detach! Yuck! She needs surgery asap i.e. tomorrow to have it all put back together! They are going to wire it & then put a "button for god’s sakes" outside to hold it in place!

Needless to say her basketball season has been rudely halted and she is devastated.

As are we. I have to have tomorrow off work to take her & try not to cry as they whip her into the operating room.

Just to warn you Mr. Dr. I was screwed over by the nose job man so I will be grilling you harshly before you touch my poppet!

Please cross your fingers for her.

Can somebody please leave a comment as I am having issues receiving them?


Thursday, January 7, 2010

First week of working full time

This is my first week of working full time for six years and I am:

  1. Exhausted
  2. No food in the house.
  3. Cranky kids.
  4. Dog ate coloured markers and is now a mixture of blue and yellow.... she was white! Poor girl was bored!
  5. My daughter broke her finger playing basketball and we ended up in the ER until 8pm one night!
  6. Behind on number 3's reading due to too many activities after school plus ER visit!
  7. Cat still alive.
  8. So is the fish.
  9. Achy body as I am used to walking and being busy & not the sedenatary lifestyle.
  10. Did I mention that I am friggin knackered?
Any bloggers who work full time, eat healthy, exercise, have clean homes & a happy are ACE!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year ...New job!

Well unfortunaltey there was no real dump just a few inches that have seemed to take forever to accumulate!

We probably have 6 inches in total if that! Not that I am complaining!

Well a New Year means a new start for me as tomorrow I begin a new job. I have to work full time for  2 weeks whilst I train, which will probably kill me. So wish me luck!

I am so prepared it is unbeleivable:

1. The house is full to bursting of food.

2. The bills are all paid...very painful!

3. Kids have all done their homework.

4. Arrangements for picking up & dropping off at sports events, parties etc. have all been made.

5. Laundry...all done!

6. Ironing...complete!

7. Snow shovelling...beautiful paths everywhere!

So what can I have forgotten?

I guess tomorrow we will see!