Monday, October 25, 2010

Grey day.

This is a challenging time of year in NH. At the moment it is grey, windy, damp & cold. It seems to mirror my mood which has gone down hill rapidly.

I guess that the weather does that to me. The damp feels like it is getting into my bones even with my thermals and fleecy layers on. I walk the dog all crouched over in the dark in the morning praying that I do not bump into a moose or a bear in the woods. Meanwhile trying to balance a torch and an umbrella....its horrid!

Work has gotten quieter & as I welcome the slower pace of life I struggle to embrace it as I am so used to be being pushed to the last minute.

The children's sports have nearly ended yet the indoor soccer & basketball are kicking in early.

Sometimes I do wonder where the excitement and fun has gone in life. Do not get me wrong I love the thrill of watching them play sports and organising sleepovers and play dates yet I realise that there is very little adult only time. I wonder if it is the ages of the children as they need lifts everywhere or is it that we have become very American and run our lives around them? The English always put the adults needs first.

Which is the best method?

I'm off to munch some Cadburys & have a hot cup of tea maybe that will cheer me up! Of course I could always move to Hawaii or California and soak up some rays!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I wagged today!

Today was my day off as I work Saturdays.

It was a yucky day starting with a visit to the dentist for a cleaning & a "my front fake tooth is loose panic." The dentist took x-rays & assured me that it looked OK even though it was 33 years old! However they recommended that they take it off & put  a new one on.

Hmmm why would you do that if it was ok??? Money grabbers.

I told them I would think about it & the $1000+ that it would cost!

Then I had my car MOT'd or inspected...oh dear failed needs new brakes & 3 new tyres!

I was going to go home & pay bills & put the garden to bed...something I loathe.

Then I thought sod it I'm going hiking with Molly.

Here are a few photo's...definitely worth wagging or taking the day off from chores!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Seasons are changing.

Our Fall was beautiful yet here comes the rain & winds totally destroying Mother Natures hard work.

Since our seasons change so dramatically there is lots of preparation to be done for each one especially to prepare for winter as it is so extreme.

Sir L is on an extended business in Vegas where the poor guy had the "heart" to share with me that he had to run from building to building as he was so hot! Oh dear.... poor guy....I was buttoning up my jacket and searching for mittens ready to go out into the pouring rain to walk the dog! Swine!

So today I am off, I usually work Saturdays. My plan is to wash & store all the swimwear, beach towels, mats etc & plow through our collection of boots to see what will fit each child & then take them to the city mall. It will definitely include a bribe trip to Toys r us since my teenager needs a little more time than anyone else to make a decision & my boys will be running wild! Oh dear do I really have the strength for this?

My 12 & 14 year old have grown so much this year that all their hats & mittens do not fit at all, never mind ski pants, boots & jackets. Maybe I will take out another mortgage! Meanwhile number 3 has so many hand me downs he will never get a new winter item of clothing at this rate!

This is just the start of the winter prep....the screened porch needs shutting down & winterising, all the outdoor furniture needs bringing inside, snow tyres on the cars, garden needs putting to bed......ahhh overwhelming. I leave it to the last minute every year and end up pulling furniture in during the first snow storm...will I ever learn? Probably not as the weather tends to switch within 2 hours from sunny to sleet!

Ah well!

Have a good weekend everyone!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good old B.T.

We had a little tootle on the lake last week...look what we found at the end of someones old fashioned English telephone box!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The competition begins..

I know I keep on harping on about how gorgeous the summer was.....but it really was. Normally I have little projects & crafts for the kids to do when the rain etc hits...yet it never really did.

However now it has, which is ruining our beautiful Fall colours.

So we had a busy day painting the bird houses from summer.

They are all now painted, varnished & installed.

Now we are waiting for the Spring to see whose house will attract a family.

The heat is on.......

The TripleRouge