Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chicken life!

Ahh my chickens. I have lost many in the past year. One to a stray dog that stopped unexpectedly at our house for a snack! One to a disease which was scary. One died of old age and then the two that were horrifically woken up in the middle of the night by a mean old bear, grabbed from their slumbering bedposts and gobbled up in the woods right by the side of our house!

I have hatched a couple where one had to have a name change from Daffodil to Napoleon! Photo,s to follow once i figure out how to add photo,s from an iPad!

So now i have Dolly the survivor of the bear attack....she was wounded and made it. Napoleon the rooster whose days may be numbered due to his 5.30am cock a doodle doo doo! Coco who is shy and quiet and she should start to lay very soon. Then 4 New Hampshire Reds called, Yoko, Tulip, Spot and Brownie they should start to lay in October.. Meanwhile we are surviving on one egg every other day for a family of five! Not much baking has been done around here lately!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The beginning again!

Wow where do i start? I have done zilcho writing for many many months...the reason why i do not know?

Here is a new beginning:

New season
New recipes
New exercise schedule
New job? maybe?
Write a blog more regularly
Pick up my needles and knit and even more important complete something!
Shall i keep the rooster or not?
Can i really squeeze an indoor soccer team into our life?
Try something new...maybe can some salsa?
Learn to say no more makes life much easier.
Take some down time.
Leara new word every week...need to keep the memory working!

Well lets see if i can really do this!
Wish me luck!