Monday, September 29, 2008

BBC America

Well I'm not too sure if I told you this or not. We decided to have our TV cut off for the summer due to many reasons:

1. We were working all hours on 6 sheds the rental, no time for leisure.

2. The kids were sneaking TV whilst we were out & number 3 was using unsuitable words from Power Rangers etc.

3. My Yorkshire husbands roots rubbed off on me ..why pay for it when we were never home watching it?

So in June disconnected we became!

I have to say that I did not miss the TV until this week when all my Fall stuff came on; Survivor, Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives etc

So yesterday we excitedly became connected again!

Not only that but we also upgraded to get the BBC America which we never had before.

Sir L is sat watching Top Gear laughing his socks off and enjoying the English humour and bluntness....I'll never get him to turn it off!

I have to say it is bloody brilliant!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Blue Peter!

Did you know that today is Blue Peters 50th birthday?

The Queen is having a tea party for them, if only I could go!

Do you remember Valerie Singleton, John Noaks & Lesley Purvis? Where oh where have they gone?

This is my tribute to Blue Peter and to all the keys, stamps, buttons that we sent to their appeals to save the world.

We loved you so.

FYI there were lots of different colours which I only found out about today:
There are 6 Blue Peter badges:

The Blue badge: This is what the presenters on the show usually wear. Viewers of the programme can win one by either sending in an interesting letter, poem, picture or story, or by appearing on the programme. The design is a blue ship on a white shield.

The Silver badge: This is awarded to viewers who have already won a Blue badge; however, you have to do something different to win one. The design is a silver ship on a blue shield.

The Green badge: This is Blue Peter's environmental award. Viewers can win one by writing a poem or song, or telling the viewers about any 'green' subject. Presenters on the programme occasionally wear this badge instead of the blue one. It consists of a white ship on a green shield.

The Orange badge: This is given to viewers who have been either a winner or runner up in any of Blue Peter's many competitions. The design is a white ship on an orange shield. This replaced the original competition winners badge (which was round) in 2005.

The Gold badge: This is Blue Peter's highest award and is only given to people who have shown outstanding bravery and courage, or for people who have represented their country in an international event. The gold Blue Peter Badge is given out very rarely and you cannot 'earn' it like the others. Two dogs have also received the Gold badge, Bonnie in 1991 and Endal in 2003. This badge is a gold-plated brooch in the shape of the ship logo. It has also become tradition to present a leaving presenter with a gold badge on their final show. JK Rowling received a gold badge for her work on the Harry Potter series.

The Purple badge: This is awarded to 12 children a month who win the chance to spend a day working with the Blue Peter team. This new badge was introduced in September 2006. It was also awarded to the 'Purple Lady' visited by Gethin Jones on the show broadcast on Thursday 10th May 2007.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This is how my brain feels!

This is a picture of the lake at 8am this morning. It could almost be a photo of the ocean waves or my brain (not the size of course!)
I'm just getting over a cold that seems to have left me very fuzzy headed nearly 2 weeks later.
I cannot seem to focus & achieve anything.
The actual lake represents my intake of wine and chocolate trying to make my life better but then the stress of daily life seems to seep in similar to the cloud formation &" Oh, oh we are fuzzy all over again!"
My poor knitting is suffering badly as I am trying to start a new project but making little to no progress as I have to keep undoing it! The same with my books and magazines.
Just as well that I work with young children as they think that I am one of them!
I fit in quite nicely!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Six sheds has now become 5 sheds!

Amazing what you see on the roads around here. En route from soccer "yo & behold there was a shed driving up the road!"

This is now happily perched in our garden and this weekend will be filled with kid clutter!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"K" soccer ctd

Well this week the little girl who had her bottom pinched arrived for soccer with her dad in tow. He kindly volunteered to assist ( in other words keep my son off his daughter!) The police also turned up as I pointed out to my child to remind him that peoples bums are privates and not to be touched! (In fact the policeman's son was playing, however there is nothing like a uniform to get a kids attention.)

Now you may think that I overact a little here and that I am a cruel heartless mother however my number 3 is a confident child who fears nothing. In fact he is not even that bothered about the whole scenario.

Let me explain a little more...

In NH I find that the majority of people are quite modest & prudish when it comes to anything to do with their bodies. Many of my friends kids have never seen them naked, shared baths or showers with them. They never let their kids run around in the buff, grimace at the thought of a thong and they even wear undies in bed as well as pj's! I guess my European roots kick in here and my meagreness "who wants to wash undies & PJ's?"

At home we tend to have a more open approach about the whole situation as we do not want the kids to be self conscious or ashamed of their bodies. Anyway, my reason for digressing here is that I tend to have to over compensate for situations such as bottom pinching.

I know that some of the mothers were shocked to pieces about number 3's action which flabbergasts me, there again the culture difference is apparent.

When I am having an "I'm sick of trying to fit in" moment I picture the "NH chinny knickered mums" arriving on a nudist beach in France or even a topless one in Spain just for a chuckle!

Bad aren't I?

Anyway soccer was a little better this week. My latest issue is one of the kids that likes to put his hands on his hips, scream at the top of his lungs and plow directly into his team to see who he can knock flat on their back!

Hmmm duct tape springs to mind!

Friday, September 12, 2008

"K" soccer

Well 6 sheds lived thank goodness for Sir L who is a great DIY chappie. Thank you for all of your kind comments.

Onto todays subject......I very bravely volunteered to be a Kindergarten coach for soccer this season thinking as I work with young children it should not be too difficult!

Boy was I wrong! I was a physical wreck after 45 mins and had to go home for a large glass of Pinot Grigio!

It does not help that my number 3 was on my team. He is strong willed and will do anything to get my attention!

At one stage he was running around the pitch with a ball up his t-shirt, this instantly became popular with the other boys & before I knew it they were "fat belly fighting!

Then he pinched a little girls bottom & she refused to play, so he had to sit out for a few minutes. Of course after that he would not come and join in.

Followed by the kids that after 2 mins they were done and wanted to pick grass.

I have never felt so drained of patience and energy.

Do not get me wrong there were some cute and funny moments too.

"What do you like the best about soccer?" I asked.

"I like dance", "I like swimming" and "I like candy." Now you can see what I am dealing with?

Over all it was fun and hopefully number 3 will behave as there is nothing more embarrassing than your own child being naughty in front of all the other parents!

For anyone who has never coached & wants to loose a little weight quickly I highly recommend it!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What a flippin day!

Well what a day!

It starts off with the weather man saying it would rain at about 4pm today otherwise a lovely day. So I sent the kids off to school in t-shirts.

I drive to my school and the heavens open.

Not to worry I think it could just be a small rainstorm...oh no!

All the 3 year olds arrive and we settle into the day. The rain turns into a full blown storm..thunder and flashes of lightening and then a huge boom as the lightening hits the school. Off go all the alarms!

So we get the children in a line and take them out into the car lot into the pouring rain and have to put them into our cars as there is no other shelter. This is their first full day of school!

As I am popping kids into the car which is full of scooters, soccer balls, deck chairs and of course trash (from being on the road so much) I wonder how much of a health hazard it is. Oh well there is no other choice.

I then discover that one little boy had no shoes on and his socks were sodden. Three of the others had painting smocks on as we were in the middle of finger painting. One of the little poppets shows me her yellow painted hands as I try to see how many hand prints are on my car!

We then excitedly watch ( and jump around my car !) as the fire engines arrive & the hunky firemen jump out in full breathing apparatus to "save our school."

Twenty minutes later we are allowed back in and all is well except that the fire alarm will not stop!

At least this weeks newsletter will be interesting, they were all very good.

Oh, and Sir L has had to go to our rental (known as 6 sheds) as there is water pouring into the living room from the bathroom above!

Never a dull moment over here!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Exciting news we have rented out 6 sheds (our rental house) yippee!

What a fiasco! Sacre bleu! Or in plain English "kin hell!"

We were suddenly inundated with applicants ranging from ...

1. The local "septic man" who wanted to park his truck on the drive..( hmm difficult one!) NO thanks since we are your next door neighbor! Smells do drift!

2. An old couple who were very sweet but he needed a heart bypass and they had financial difficulties.

3. Four divorcee's that were either wanting a reduction in rent just "until the divorce was settled" to "I have no deposit will that be a problem?" Just slightly since we are in debt up to our eyeballs!

4. Finally the lucky renters who are two lads in their mid 20's who are in the landscaping business.( there is 1.5 acres of mowing to be done).

We also had a number of callers who sounded so dodgy on the phone that we did not call them back, which for me is a crime as I have always been in customer service where you HAVE to return calls however nasty they could be!

So please everyone cross your fingers, your legs & your toes that "the lads" work out for us and we can start to pay off some of the debt!