Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Home Alone at last

So all of our company have left ..let us hope that no little nits were left behind. I have bought a superdooper washer that is probably on the verge of a nervous breakdown as it has been on a hot wash cycle at least 4 times a day since Sunday.

OK careerwise....what do I do?
So I do work a few part time jobs. Today it is the PA job which was fun a couple of years ago however now it is boring and mundane. I also work as a daytime provider at a local gym which I do enjoy yet now I need another little something to boost my brain into action. I was hoping that writing a blog would help but as I am still trying to find out how to get people to respond &how to add a photo... it may take a while.

My boss has given me the Quickbooks manual to read.......not a good idea as I do not do well with manuals. In fact I still have not read how to use your cellphone or how to use my digital camera manual....this was my New Years resolution. One can only hope that if I sleep on the book tonight maybe a little will seep into my brain cells via osmosis.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The world is against me

So my saga continues... my SIS & niece got delayed by 9 hours in Newark which made their arrival time at our house 3am. My husband had to go & pick them up at 1am so he was totally wrecked & crabby yesterday. The washer is dead & I am in mourning. Seven people in my house creating tons of dirty laundry via swimming in the lake, painting, food spillages etc etc. & no means of resolving the issue. So today all 6 of us are going on a trip to purchase a new washer... just what my english relatives want.. to go sightseeing at Home Depot & Lowe's.

Then I was informed that my niece is just getting over a long period of nits! Now I am not religious but please have not let my kids or my hubby & I get them. I do not even have a washer to kill the little tikes with. Off to buy tree tea oil shampoo & if that fails a shaver to shave everyones heads with.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One Deep Breath & Here We Go

Well I have hummed & ahhed for many a month about doing this. I know it is not a big step for you experienced blogger's posting your thoughts & lifestyles on the web...however for an immigrant from England it is a huge step flashing myself on the worldwide web. Gulp.

Interesting day today. Just shipped my mum & 11 year old nephew back to England & now waiting for my next arrival sister in law (SIS) & 12 year old niece to arrive from the homeland. During the 12 hour changeover period my washer has gone on the blink... leaving me with loads of grubby bedding etc. However the good news is that the SIS flight has been delayed giving me time to bash the sheets on the rocks by the lake just like the original pioneers. A bit worried that she may not make it here in time to babysit my 3 kids tomorrow whilst I work which opens up another issue.

Our faithful dog Hamlet, but more commonly known as Hammy died last Fall so I have been on the look out for a new dog. I went to our local Humane Society & wanted to bring them all home. In fact there was such a choice that I could not make a decision & my 11 year old persuaded me to get a kitten. I do like kittens however I did want a dog. Now I do have a chipmunk issue, (they are always eating my seedlings) so the thought of a kitten that would grow into a ferocious chipmunk chaser was very tempting. In fact too tempting as I brought one little fluffy tabby kitten home. It was going to be called Emma...( I have always wanted a 4th child .. my husband cut me off at 3...meanie) On checking underneath his tushkie....he was a boy. It was to late to exchange him so with great disappointment I let the kids have free rein on his name & we ended up with Mittens. Sacre Bleu.