Thursday, March 27, 2008

England vs USA Snow Levels

Here is a picture of the deadly snow fall in England. Apologies for the erased face however this was sent to me by an ex boyfriend and I did not want his wife to come after me for posting her kids on the web.

It can definitely be said that the English know how to make the best of everything....have you ever seen such a teeny weeny snowman??

I guess that this proves that nearly everything in USA is bigger!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I think that I am loosing it!

I am having one of those days!

Sir L is in sunny FL on business whilst I am here in snow packed NH. I got the clan up especially early which is always a struggle! I had to drop the little'un at daycare which is in the opposite direction to my work place as well as drop the other two at a friends.

I arrived at work 8am sharp, chuffed to bits with myself.. Madame Multi tasker 2008!

My boss was not in which is unusual so I did a little filing etc. He arrived at 9.30am with an intestinal issue which intensified within minutes and so he left again.

I had no work to do so I left at 10am.

I came home to do dishes etc and broke 2 plastic glasses. Then my teabag broke in my mug and as I was pouring the leaves & water into the sink the handle fell off my mug! Sacre Bleu!

I forgot to call my mother in law to wish her happy birthday and still have not had the kids call & say thanks for their Easter goodies to any one.

I am overwhelmed with life!

At this time of year the kids activities seem to triple and multiply overnight so that every day we are rushing off somewhere to a club or practice. I vowed I would never do this & let the kids take over our lives......I've failed miserably!

I keep on forgetting things all of the time!

Is this old age or is it my brain screaming "STOP I cannot take anymore?"

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Want a laugh?? It's bad snow in England!

Copied from the BBC news:

Motorists in some areas have been told to keep out of their cars because of Easter snow in Scotland and England.
Snow has hit the Scottish highlands, north-east England, the Midlands and the south-east, with north-east England the worst affected area.
There have been icy roads and up to 10cm (3.9in) of snow. Whoopee do! Motorists have been warned not to travel unless absolutely necessary.
The snow spread into England after falling in Scotland overnight.
'Very icy'

Monday, March 17, 2008

Greenie the leprecaun.

My kids have been horrors over the past few weeks.

Reasons? Yes we all know about the weather and then there was the basketball championship this weekend that my daughters team won but these are not good excuses for trying to kill each other on a daily basis!

Last night my 2 older kids got my younger one all revved up ready for Greenie the Leprechaun to come & visit. The pictures above are the house that he is going to enter,rock & fall asleep on the rocking chair. The chest of drawers are for his clothes?? The jester his toy.

Well they set up a little treasure hunt for their brother this morning...yep what a great idea on a Monday morning....I needed to encourage the love streak here!

After roaming around the house following green footprints they found Greenie's treasure, gold coins & candies.
My little man was so chuffed with himself as were the older two until I had to start the hurry up or we will miss the bus routine!
So here is proof that they do love each other ...right??

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


However tired you are by the end of the day...when you see children a makes you realise why you work so hard!
They are worth it!

Monday, March 10, 2008

What do all of these have in common?


If you have never been on a cruise before they have a "Death by chocolate buffet."
People have obviously died on the way to the chocolate buffet in the past hence it's name!

This can be a little intimidating if you are British as apparently we are the only nation (maybe besides India) that know how to queue or "form a line."

Lets picture this?
2000 people all in a rush to see the chocolate creations formed by the elite chefs of the world. A buffet where they can eat as much or take as much food as they want to if they just have a squirt of Purell on the way in...not too much to ask you may say!

Oh yes it is..... as the bag of Purell soon becomes empty!

Boy do people get awkward over such a small significant blob of Purell!
Needless to say I did make it & survived the ordeal.....hello cellulite!

Friday, March 7, 2008


A group of pre-schoolers were asked " what would you like to be when you grow up?"

First response " a pirate."

"Oh is that because you love the ocean?"


The next child was asked " what would you like to be when you grow up?"

His response " a killer whale."

"Hmm interesting."

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I love Nike Poly bags!

Another bad day....I know I' m a whiner!

6.30am school calls a 2 hour delay.

7.30am school is cancelled.

7.45am call boss to explain I will not be in again for the third week due to snow & vacation days

9am I have a house full of kids....5

10am handle breaks off downstairs loo.

4pm head to the gym with 4 kids..I need a break!

5pm drop extra kids off at their house.

6pm My 9 year old feels ill in the car.

6.06pm he is pewking into a poly bag.

6.25pm arrive at home...dilemma what to do with bag of sick!


1) Throw it in the garden...cannot throw it over the 10 foot snowbank & it is not environmentally friendly.

2) Pour it in the toilet! Oh no the downstairs loo is broken.

Conclusion: Carry the bag upstairs over my carpets......begging the bag not to leak!


Make a note to self to write to Nike thanking them for making strong bags that do not leak!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cruises are a mums best friend!

Enough talk about snow. Let's chat about something nice & another cruise!

I cannot believe that I love cruises.

I am an original back packer, lived in a camper van for a year whilst touring Europe & all of our vacations have been D.I.Y. in an apartment or villa as we like to be in dependant.

A very good friend of mine has been talking me into cruising for over 5 years. This lady... Mrs O is the kind of friend who has opinions that you value, for goodness sakes she enjoys sarcasm which gets her a Blue Peter Badge for starters!

We went on a cruise last year & loved it. Ladies as a mother you cannot get a more relaxing holiday....believe me!

Everything is done for you and you find "yourself again." Not the mother's, or wife image where you are thinking of everyone else's needs but your own. The kids make friends, they enjoy the kids clubs & beg to go in them. Sir L & I could go to the gym, swim, run, take a walk or even read!

The food is excellent and international with superb Indian food. Lots of entertainment, singers, dancers, shows etc.

My only complaint would be that it was not long enough.. a mere 7 days for goodness sakes!

I am of European heritage & need a least 2 weeks to unwind!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Did you miss me?

I have been absent from the bloggers world for a while..why you may ask?

Firstly I have been extremely "down in the dumps" living in this frozen snow ridden monstrosity of an existence. Believe me 135 inches of snow since November is not even a little bit pretty anymore!!!

Secondly we just ran away fo a week on a cruise, but do you think that mother nature helped?

Oh no, the old cow decided to throw a huge snowstorm on Friday..we were due to leave on Saturday!

We watched the news diligently on all channels... however would they be correct?

We went on line to every weather site that exisited...could they be trusted?

God damn it, the thought of missing my escape to the sun threw me into a hormonal rage....poor Sir L!

Needless to say we were not ready to pack and go a day earlier than planned!

I took the day off work as did Sir L. We threw stuff together, hit the dump to get rid of 2 weeks worth of rubbish..I did not want mice moving in, pumped up the tyres of Bluebell ( my steady stead) grabbed the kids from school & hit the road.

Oh yes prepared we were, however mother nature was still out to get us!

The storm was hitting NH and was expected to dump 2-4 inches..that was not too bad!

Followed by sleet and icy rain.....not so good.

Guess where she had decided to send the huge storm, a "severe weather alert" type of storm.....

to MA, CT & NY.

We had to get the boat in Manhattan which involved driving through all three of the above states!

Mother nature was really out to get us!

We drove into the heart of the snowstorm, battling against everyone who was leaving work early to escape the storm. It felt as if someone was chucking bucketfulls of snow at Bluebell. The roads were slushy, slippery and "kin" awful.

Where there should have been car lanes just snow, snow...and more snow so people just followed each other.

The blind leading the blind!

To cut a long "woe is me story" short the journey took 7 1/2 hours ( 3 1/2 hours longer than it should have), we saw 14 accidents and stopped in CT for the night.

We made the boat after another 2 hour drive in the morning and had a great time.


We came home today.

As we drove closer to home we noticed that people were on their roofs shovelling does make you a little nervous as you approach your own house, especially as we live on top of a hill!

Oh yes a welcome home present of ....................22 inches of snow!

Back to shoveling! She won the old tart!