Friday, March 19, 2010

Hurrah Spring is here already in NH!

It is so gorgeous over here I almost feel as if I am living in the UK again.

The snow has gone, the days are warm and sunny and the lake is defrosting at a very pleasing alarming rate!

Its so exciting I'm even shaving my legs ready for their first showing since Spetember...white & pasty here we are!

The Ripsticks are out of hibernation......

The Daffodillys are fighting through the leaves!
Outside drying weather!Sticks are everywhere!
Only one pile of snow left!
Yet best of all Polly Pocket is camping!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

In a quandry..what shall I do? Please vote A or B!

Just completed yet another few days training & of course a few tests which were interesting since one was an in depth personality one!


Well I am in a quandry what in the earth shall I do?

A) At present I work T-F 10-2 & Sat 8-12.15pm. This works well whilst the kids are in school as I can attend all the meets, games etc, get to work out & walk the dog. However its not so dandy when they are off on vacation as I cannot do anything fun in the day with them e'g. as go to the ocean, parks etc as the hours are plonk in the middle of the day.

B) A new shift has come up at work Thursday & Friday 8-5 & Sat ams. This would be great through the summer vacation & just think of the time I would have off in the week to volunteer or even get another part time job. However when it comes to after school activities & daycare it would be trickier if number 1 had sports after school (which is regularly) the other two are too young to be on their own.

Oh what shall I do A or B?

Of course they may not even let me apply for another job after such a short period of employment which would be the answer!