Tuesday, December 23, 2008

10 Things that I am grateful for....

1. It is definitely going to be a white Christmas...6 inches on Thursday & 18 inches on Sunday.

2. I have ditched the 4 coloured woollen fancy hat due to frustration and knitted a scarf in a soy wool which is yummy...photo's to follow soon.

3. That today was the last day of work and school for all of my family as we all need a break.

4. Glad that I am done with the list of stuff I have to do, some of it still needs doing but I have given in as is it all really necessary?

5. Grateful that I was super smart and able to figure out how to use the new Cam corder that I bought for Sir L for Xmas, so that I could tape number 3's kindergarten concert today as he had to work.

6. Grateful to all my wonderful friends who have helped me through my mums absence especially my blogging ones.

7. Grateful that 2008 is nearly over as it has been a shite year!

8. Grateful that one of my darling students bought me real Belgian chocolates from Belgium....extra snack for you in 2009!

9. Grateful that there is hope for the country next year when Obama is in charge.

10. Most, mostest, mostly grateful that my sister, her husband and their delicious little girls are arriving on Christmas day for a 2 week visit!

If I do not post again before Christmas may you all have a wonderful time and be happy enjoy your friends and families.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

To my mum....

This is a crazy time of year packed with overbuying, card writing, decorating, baking, parties and concerts yet I took a few minutes out of the day today as it suddenly hit me that.............. I had no mum.

My mum always went that extra mile to send little things that meant alot e.g. sugar almonds, good UK underwear, chocolate items for the tree, yet this year she is not here.

I know she has been gone for 4 months but at times it feels unbearable. I guess Christmas is one of the more harder holidays.

I would like to dedicate this to my mum who was so special and was whipped away from us very quickly and cruelly July 1st 2008.

Mum I probably never told you all of the special things that you did for me that I really appreciated yet I never found the time to tell you so.

All the Daffodil cards that I can now look at and remember you by.

It grieves me that the children are growing out of the clothes that you knitted or bought them and I can hardly bear to part with them as I feel like I am loosing you all over again.

Number 3 is in a kinder garden concert next week and you will not be here. You always seemed to make it over here for the important occasions.

Sir L bought some English chocolate finger biscuits and number 3 remembered the fort birthday cake that you made him when we came to England when you were first diagnosed with cancer. You insisted on making his birthday cake..a chocolate fort. I know how hard it was for you as you were so nauseous yet you made it for his 5th birthday which he is always going to remember. Thank you.

I miss talking to you and the e-mails as you were always there for me, protecting or advising or even being bossy.

know you hated the fact that we became American Citizens by all the Union Jack items that you bought us and you felt that we had let the Brits down yet we are always the same underneath the skin.

My poor garden that so needs your advise as it so difficult to grow plants in these harsh weather conditions.

As for my knitting..I still plow on trying to work out my knots & mistakes with Mme L.

Your beautiful house that is on the market yet due to the economy being so dire it stands alone, unloved and hollow.

My sister is having a terrible time and I am there for her as much as I can be being 19 hours away. Its very frustrating. I know it will give you great comfort that she and her family are coming here for Christmas so I can spoil her rotten and give her some support. We have become a lot closer since you left.

My brother is the same work, work,work! He hopes to come over nest year to visit though.

Your boyfriend is still is a mess and has put his house on the market to move away to try to start again which is not easy at 70 but you gave him the strength & "get to" to do these things.

I miss you mum and if only we had known what this year was to bring I would have made an effort to come over for Christmas and birthdays and to make the most of good health and life.

You were always such a positive person even when you hit the duldrums and I can only hope that I can follow in your footsteps.

I love you mum and thank you for everything.


British Daffodilly

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Honeywell Alert...Naff Week ctd again.

Oh yes sorry to drag on but its been an aging week.

Thursday I receive a call at work that is a recorded message advising me that the High School where my precious number 1 is, is under a siege, the school is secure and the police are handling the situation and DO NOT come to school.

I was trying to conduct circle time with my 3 year olds at the time.....

Then all the rumours start as the cell phone rings away, a child has a sawn off shot gun and a victims list and is shooting through the school.

I live in sleepy ville where everyone knows everyone plus all their business. However it is big hunting territory and guns are readily available. So the above senario is very doable. ( I made up this wonderful word)

After 40 mins I get the all is clear call. It was all a threat that has been resolved.

Who is going to pay for my face lift and hair colour?

You never hear of this happening in the UK yet it seems to be around too much in USA. I wish they would ban guns totally.

I know that America is a free country and guns are a part of the culture but I loathe them. They are not a toy, they are a weapon used for killing...which is not a game.

What are your opinions?

Naff week (ctd)

The next day I awake to my 5 year old crying which is very unusual.

" I cannot see" in a shaky voice.

I'm thinking he has conjunctivitis and his eyes are sealed shut! So I climb out of bed to go to him.

It is very dark.

" Someone has built a wall around my bed and I cannot see!" says a scared little voice.

I go to his room and realise that we have no power., take him to our bed and snuggle down.

How cosy.

We had no power for 9 hours. Very frustrating as no laundry, dishes, vacuuming can be done. Most of all the kids have no TV or computer as everything was down.

We put the Christmas tree up which I thought was a wonderful idea, but alas no music to get us in the spirit.

We survived!

I'm sure that BP is laughing as not only does she have a totally solar house, she had flown out to sunny CA and missed the whole thing!

Naff week!

Well what a week of crap!

A two hour delay for school due to icy roads which would not have been a problem except I was having a minor test at the hospital and had to pull together emergency childcare at 6am!

Then two days later I had another yes another flat tyre in the middle of the Mall. I tried 2 tyre places to be advised a 2-3 hour wait! Oh yes I also need to add that another storm was rolling in.

I could not get hold of Sir L (my mechanic) as he failed to answer his frig... blackberry that is always on his person. The receptionist was about as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

I nipped into a store to buy snacks & a few bits "n" bobs & went back to the tyre place that told me I had missed my spot..."Hello you said 2 hours I was gone 40 mins!"

They then advised me that as Sir L had put goop in my tyre it had wrecked the inner tube & I needed a new tyre & my sensor system would be broken! Rip off merchants!

Meanwhile number 3 knocked down a display all over the place!

I am about to cry so I call Sir L for the millionth time.....yes after numerous calls & 2 hours later he answers in a chirpy voice!

He tells me that they are talking crap and to just blow it up & drive home which is 45 minutes away in icy conditions.

So I leave the tyre place in a huff, dragging number 3 with me. Kick my car, climb in and cry.

My cell phone is ringing like crazy its Sir L..."what is the problem?"

It's OK for him as cars are "his thing" a flat tyre is no problem as he can fix it. However to me its the end of the world as I cannot. One problem with being married to an engineer... you become sloppy at these "I can mend it situations who needs a man!"

The phone rings again the kids activities are all cancelled due to the storm so they are heading home. Meanwhile I am going nowhere!

I pump up the tyre, forget the food shop and drive home down the back roads as I dare not hit the highway. The ice & snow are coming down fast. I am a blubbering mess, number 3 is as quiet as a mouse bless him!

I get home & it is flat again, I am so mad that Sir L did not mend it properly the first time as punctures really can be life or death in NH in the winter.

We are supposed to be going for a drink to an Open House for some Christmas Cheer.....I'm looking for a divorce or a shot gun!

That did not happen...icy weather outside, even colder at our house!

Anyway he has now mended the tyre & is even alive to tell the tale!

Still in the dog house though!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bad Day!

Bad day!

There I was on my way out to an open night at my hairdressers for a free massage, wine etc when I got a flat tyre. This would not normally be an issue however did I forget to mention that it is 6 degrees outside with a whipping wind & pitch black?

I called Sir L who was leaving work and was on his way to our Uncles whose farmhouse had a boiler issue which would lead to frozen pipes later tonight. He tried to pump up my tyre with that canned goop that blocks leaks but the nozzle froze onto my valve & blocked it. A few strong words hit the air whilst he pulled out the tools to pull the darned thing off. Then the tyre would not inflate with air as it was blocked with goop.

Hence I had to drive home flat tyre & all ..boo hoo no massage or wine or cute little goodie bag. Now I need to get the puncture mended.

Poor Sir L got home & he had a puncture too..what the F..k!

Oh yes did I mention that my iron died on Sunday too....maybe I can turn American & just tumble dry????

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Does anybody else iron out there?

So, I have lived in USA for 13 years and I still iron much to the amazement of my unironed American friends.

When my family visit they cannot believe that I do not iron the bedding, t-shirts, shorts and boxers and tell me "standards are dropping!"

My local friends laugh at me and say "use the dryer for goodness sakes you're in America."

I feel that I fall in between the two ...just like a slice of ham on a butty.

I iron shirts and pants and pillow cases..is there anyone else out there who still irons the English way?

I have to admit that when I speak to my sister in England and she is moaning about the stack of ironing that she has to plough through I really do see & understand the American way. It can be considered a waste of time but there is something that feels good about the smell and the satisfaction of looking at a pile of freshly ironed laundry....too bad it takes forever to do!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cool Dudes.

I just had to take a photo of this as the 3 watched Spy Kids with their glasses on.