Saturday, March 10, 2012

Accomplishments for today....

1. Completed a gorgeous scarf for my best friends daughter
2. Hand washed woolly mittens and scarves and even dried them in the sun on the deck!
3. Using up leftovers like its going out of fashion.
4. Caught up with an old friend
5. Helped out in number 3's classroom...interesting and rewarding.
6. Bought a new hand luggage suitcase... I need to rant here

As a family of 5 we have always travelled and tried to use only 2 medium suitcases for our vacations. Since the "let's rip them off" attitude from the airlines, where they decided to charge you for a anyone travels without a case or change of clothes! Hmm hello there!

It ticks me off having to pay for a suitcase but what really ticks me off is that now everyone takes these wheelie suitcases as hand baggage and totally block all the overhead cabins. I have moaned about this for years however since money is tight these days i have decided it is easier to invest in 5 wheelie hand luggage cases.

Is this more bulky for the airlines...oh yes.
Will they all fit in the overhead cabins...oh no but guess what then they get put into the hold for free!

Do the airlines not realise that they have trained people to do this?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm Back!

Just watched the movie "The Help" and now I have the urge to write again yippee!
That really is a good movie to watch and the book is great too if anyone is in the market for a little down time.

Today felt like Spring!

The sun was pouring down, the sky was blue with a couple of fluffy white ones floating around in it. The ground is still covered with snow however there are patches and I mean minuscule patches of dirt around! My chickens were grateful to stretch their scaly legs and find dirt! I still love them to pieces however they are destructors..trashing the garden and poohing just everywhere all the time. We are going to have to keep them in a coop as I have found them on our road, in next doors garage and worst of all on top of Sir L's car...his pride and glory...Top Gear fanatic!

Just enjoyed a couple of days in Boston.. the big city. Indulging in foreign foods,buying half of teenager, visiting museums...trying to add some culture to my country bumpkins lifes! Best if all we went to see "The Blue Man Group."

My 8 year old had no idea what they were and when we showed him the brochure he was concerned that they were blue. I explained that they were born that way and their parents decided the only way they could get a job was to be performers. After perusing the brochure he said..."oh my they have no ears either!" I explained that it was a double affliction...I know I am so mean! Well at the theater one of the Blue men came up to our 8 year old and gave him a high five...he blurted out.."you do have ears!"

Thank goodness that the Blue Men do not talk! I was safe!!!!