Friday, November 11, 2011


So I have been avoiding my blog for way too long for many reasons. I lost my oomph to write. I'm constantly exhausted as I run from place to place every day and flop exhausted into bed. I realised that I do very little for me. Plus the majority of the people that I am running around after do not appreciate me or my time.

So here is my new motto "toughen up Daffodilly, learn to say no more often and make time for you."

In fact I have done something very daring for me. A very special friend of mine is having a large numbered birthday in December and she invited me and a bunch of friends to go to St. Thomas for a week. I wanted to go so badly but could not due to basketball schedules, work commitments all of my animals etc etc. Sir Lancelot told me to just book it & go so I did! I feel like a wild woman!

I have not had a girls holiday since I was a teenager as I always went away with boyfriends, husbands or family after that.

So here I go folks one week in sunny St. Thomas is a coming up.

Details to follow.............