Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hurray school starts tomorrow!

I love my children, I love my children, I love my children.... yes I really do!

However....they have been off school since the middle of June and I need some space. Nearly 3 months off school & all the schedules whipped away WAS lovely yet now I almost long for their return..crazy or what?

We have had a great summer however for the last 2 weeks they have become bored of each other and constantly bicker which leads to fights which leads to tears from at least one of them.

They are fed up of the beach, their toys, the house, the heat,their life's blah blah blah!!!!

Meanwhile super mum is desperate for some alone time. I have been working part time through the vacation yet I just want the house to myself for an hour!

Tomorrow school starts.........I could become religious just at the thought!

So since it has come to my attention that after having a last minute dash to the sports shop to purchase running trainers for number 1, I have not had a pair of new trainers  for 2 years. So I splashed out and bought some new ones since my old ones are tatty & I wear them every day to walk Molly.

After hitting soccer practise I then got  little carried away and booked a haircut & a massage for tomorrow morning......I feel like such a rebel!

Oh my I'm going to be a princess for the day!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wax everywhere!

Since this summer has been so warm we have spending a little more time on personal grooming!

I decided to invest in a home wax kit after reading great reports on them.

I know I am naive. Being typically English I do not remove every dark hair from my body including toes as do the Americans. I guess it is just a culture thing......I can hear your "Ewww's" already!

First issue with the home wax kit is that the hair must be one quarter of an inch long...that meant wearing at least Capri’s for a week in hot hot weather or swimming on the public beach after dark...I blended in very nicely!

Then we had the Freshman Orientation......definitely a skirt job. Out came the kit.

I was sensible I had an hour and a half to get ready...plenty of time right?

You have to bear in mind that I am a wimp when it comes to pain. I fainted when I had my ears pierced....I've had 3 c -sections after trying to deliver naturally proved to be impossible for my wee body! Do you get the picture???

So I spread the warmed wax on my legs...the boys start to fight so I am shouting from the bathroom to try & control them.....stress is starting to build!

Of course they ignore me as they are so ready to go back to school after spending nearly 3 months together!

I rip off the first layer "OUCH!" However success....one nice hairless strip of skin. "I can do this" I say to myself.

Boys still screaming at each other...I join in whilst spreading the incredibly sticky wax on my legs. I rip off more of the stuff...hey success again! I'm a natural maybe I should train to be a beautician next? I am shreiking after each strip is removed...so painful!

Then I spill the wax on the floor...no problem I try to wipe it up....ehh no way! It is not budging. Oh well focus on the legs Daffodilly..clean up later!

Tears from the youngest...

One leg complete with blobs of wax still on it that will not come off. I use the oil they provided. Put some on cotton wool and rub my leg!

OMG I have cotton wool spread all over my legs that will not move. It's on my fingers and will not come off either. Youngest bursts into the bathroom.." he's killing me!"

Like I have time for this!

I yell at the boys to go to their rooms until I can resolve my wax invasion. The phone rings..."I'll have to call them back."

Time left to get ready 20 mins! Pressure!!!!

I wash my hands in soap & water...no it just goes slimy & spreads. Then I hit the baby oil that does help remove some of it.

I tackle the next leg.

I wipe over both legs with the teeny weeny bottle of stuff they give me. It's all gone and there are still blobs of wax on my legs, the sink & the floor.

I jump in the shower...still wax blobs everywhere!

No time left we are running late number 3 is not impressed she is ready to go!

Meanwhile my boys are shouting to each other from their rooms...not nice comments either!

Have to leave but being a multi tasker I decide to put the dogs bed in its cleanly washed cover on the way out......the excess dog hair which is 4 inches long and white sticks to my legs!

I am trying to remove it to no avail!

Go to the orientation with sticky legs covered in white hair.

Return home to hit the bathroom.........its just not right spreading baby oil all over the floor and then trying to remove it with soapy water.

Anyone know how to remove wax from lino? Sir L is complaining that his feet are getting sticky!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What a superb summer!

This summer has been fantastic. The weather has been phenomal with bright blue skies, daily temperatures of 94 degrees and sun sun sun.....oodles and oodles of it!

The lake is sparkling clean and warm yet at the same time refreshing to swim in. Its a godsend when you reach boiling point..then jump in, have a quick swim and then get out to dry off....a great circle of life!

We've indulged in all the fresh fruit and veggies of summer including of course our new creation....yellowska! Our tomatoes have been great this year as have our blackberries. I feel successful...am I a Master Gardener & I'm not aware of it I do wonder?

We are all tanned with golden streaks in our hair which feels good.

We've had plenty of new discoveries....waterfalls that the kids climb and then jump off the rocks into fresh water pools... a little aging for me ...hey ho! A new blueberry patch so we are all stocked up for the winter pies. Of course a few days at the seaside...completing with a seafood feast that always gives us stomach ache on the way home....too much indulgence! Trips to theme parks involving lots of screaming on scary rides. Oh fun, fun and more fun.

Today the weather is turning as we are expecting rain!

Is it a sign that cooler days are due? 

Is it time to get ready for school?

I guess so.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yummy Yellowska!

Trying to support the local economy earlier this year we bought a "farm share."

For you city folk this is when you pay a fixed price before the farmer sows his field and then for a 6 week period during the summer/fall you get a basket of local produce that have all been picked that day. Its great for the farmer as he gets some money to help plant and the customer receives  a basket of fresh produce at a reduced price.

Its great in theory however we are receiving lots of yellow summer squash, pickling cucumbers and beetroots which we are not fond of. So I have been chopping up the veggies & hiding them in stir fry dishes.

Number 3 said "Ewww what is this yellow stuff, I don't like summer squash."

I jumped in quickly and said" its not yellow squash it is yellowska." Do not even ask me where I got the name from as it came out of fresh air!

His response "ohh I like this yellowska."


A few days later we were eating dinner and number 3 pipes up "oh I see we are having yellowska."

Forgetful Fanny over here says "what do you mean?"

"You know mum yellowska that new veggie!"

"Ooh yes silly me I had forgotten!"

That was a close call!

I really had forgotten how gullible this age can be and how precious it is too.

Definitely the age of innocence!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Miracles really do happen!!!!

Five days of searching for our Mittens have gone by....I'm fearing the worst! We have visited the NH Humane Society where we did not find him however they had lots of hopeul cats looking at us with "pick me" faces!

Every night whilst lying in bed I hear the coyotes yipping and howling as they catch their dinner....hoping that it is not Mittens as they sound so wild and cruel.

Sometimes I feel like I am Laura Ingalls living on the praire!

My youngest is in a state crying and saying that we did not love the cat enough and gave the dog all the attention. "How do we know if he has gone for a wander or gone to heaven?"

Its been very upsetting trying to console him.

Yesterday our neighbours called to say they had found our lovely fluff ball...he had been locked in their brand new barn for 5 days. He is starving and dehydrated but he is back!

The tears of relief were pouring......he looks disgruntled here as we are not letting him out for a days.....

No sign of Mr or Mrs Big Pooh!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Miracles do happen right?

It has been a weird week.

First of all the bad news Mittens our beautiful cat is missing. we have searched high & low for him but to no avail.

At the end of our land there is a huge dead tree that has become the proud preening post for 2 ugly huge turkey vultures. When they spread their wings I feel as if they are saying "where is dessert?"

Anyway moving on....

We live in the countryside at the entrance of a tiny cul de sac. Our gorgeous house is mostly surrounded by trees. Sir L  noticed a BMW parked on our land so I went to check it out as he had to leave. I was shocked to find a mattress in the back but even more shocked to find toilet paper...(yes it was used) by the car on MY LAND! Plus a big pooh! The car was empty which made me very nervous having 3 sleeping children in the house. Someone was obviously living in the car...however where were they now??????

I called the police who said they would look into it! Then I called the neighbours.

A few hours later after keeping all the doors & widows locked....it was stifling I called the police again.They had the car towed & said if we saw anyone looking for a lost car to tell them to call the police. As if you loose a car!

Oh yes nice one! So of course I could not leave the kids home alone incase it was a nutter or pedophile so we all went food shopping...that WAS fun! Now I remember why I try & shop alone.

So we are all waiting with baited breath..."where is the big pooher person?" Plus how dare she/he pooh on my land!!!!

Sometimes I think you are safer in the city!