Sunday, August 28, 2011


Apparently we are in the path of Hurricane Irene.

Hmmm remind me why we moved to USA again?

This is the weirdest feeling as yesterday was hot and humid with a stillness in the air that was exceedingly creepy. The night revealed the deepest sky blue pink.

The calm before the storm maybe?

The TV and radio were all constantly warning about taking precautions, bring in your garden furniture, have bottled water, food for 3-5 days etc. etc.

Masses of holiday makers fled our lake desperate to get home. The local craft fair was pretty much abandoned as people dragged their boats out of the water. Water bottles were purchased as if they were gold.

Now we all play the waiting game.

Yes, we have the rain and winds nothing severe yet. We know where the local shelter is. 

It is the weirdest feeling!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ticking along.

I've aaccomplished:

  • read at least 5 books
  • spent 3 glorious days perched on the beach looking at the glistening sea
  • enjoyed watching my children dig the biggest holes..oops sorry hot tubs they could dig for hours on the beach   
  • Vladivar has moved to a new farm
  • went blueberry picking
  • made blueberry jam that set!!!
  • cleared out kids stuff and passed it on
  • enjoyed a day at a water park when it was too hot to do anything else
  • seen lots of my good friends
  • had lots of family visit
  • I have a nice healthy tan and glow
  • watched my daughter with a new boyfriend going through the various emotions..tricky!
  • lazy days at the lake
  • blustery boat rides
  • a sprinkling of parties
  • wiggled my hips at Zumba

To accomplish:
  • new exercise routine that fits with the school schedule
  • hmm hello rescue my garden from its weeds as trees are now getting established roots.
  • have a clean car...hard one!
  • clear out all clutter
  • get a new hobby
in the meantime enjoy life and what is left of the summer.