Friday, April 23, 2010

Whip'em off day!

Once upon a time there was a gorgeous girl who worked in a company with lots of rules and passwords in perfect smiley land. Everyday was a smiley day with helpful people and happy attitudes.

Some of her collegues had worked there all their lives and they were due to retire. They had never been out of the country, tasted lamb or been to the local city a whole 2 hours away!

Gorgeous girl was full of life, had travelled all over the world and had worked at differant types of careers.  The local smiley people thought she was "unstable."

One perfect day in smiley land, gorgeous girl was called in to see the boss....let's call him fishface. He asked where her hosiery was......hmmm a bit personal! She said "what do you mean?"  He advised her that although she was wearing trousers and clogs she was showing 3 inches of leg! Apparently that is not appropriate until May 1st as per the rules & regulations of the land!

Hello we are in 2010!!

Well whoever knew!

So she christened May 1st "whip'em off day!"

I wonder when she will have to put them back on again!

WTF am I doing here she wondered................................

Monday, April 19, 2010

Is change really good?

Spring is here and it seems it is bringing lots of change with it.

Not only are the daffodils popping out and NH is starting to turn green again until...........

Heyho Mother Nature decides to drop 4 inches of snow on us this weekend...crushing all the new green buds! WTF!

Everything was crushed including my spirits!

We had friends due to arrive from England as they were running the Boston Marathon. Unfortunatley due to the volcanic ash from Iceland all the flights are cancelled so they cannot get here. I did suggest that they turn it into a triathon & start swimming via the Atlantic chance! They were gutted after training in icy & snowy weather to prepare for the big event.

They were sensible & had holiday insurance something that we never have! Guess what............. the volcanic ash is " an act of God!" so they cannot get a full refund. I just love insurance companies! NOT!!!

I'm glad we are escaping over to California for a trip to find the sun. I'm ready for some culture & tasty foreign food. We are hoping to go to Alcatraz where I may leave my kids & Sir L locked up if they do not start to help at home. Also a trip to see "Wicked" at the theatre which is supposed to be fantastic.

Please Mother Nature be kind & do not blow that ash cloud over to USA!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Clearing out!

One of my New Year's resolutions was to start to get rid of stuff. We are lucky to have a large basement that seems to swallow up any excess stuff!

You name it we have it down there. So it was time to get rid!

I set myself a task of advertising & selling one thing a month on Craigslist so I could start slowly. Here is the results so far:

January: dog crate
February: old desk
March: old futon
April.........the car is listed so cross your fingers!

There is no point doing a yard sale as we are in the boonies & no-one ever finds us!

I have given lots of toys and clothes away to needy families yet we still have more!

A new thing that I did today was to take some of my daughters books to a book store that gives you credit to purchase more books. I have hesitated over this for a few months as I hate to get rid of books however with 5 readers in the family; books seem to breed & the local library is not too well stocked over here. So I took the plunge. The book trade store was packed with so many tempting books, if only I had a free hour I would have indulged myself getting lost amongst the literacy world however it was not to be! Who ever has a spare hour anyway??

Now she can go and buy more books at a cheaper price...lets see if this works as she can read a thick novel in 2 hours!

Do you have any differant ideas on how to get rid of stuff besdies the noramal selling, yard sales, giving away?

If so please let me know.

Friday, April 2, 2010

No Umph!

I have not bloggged for a while as I seem to have lost my UMPH!
The family have had various coughs & colds that will not go, so coughing all night has become a local past time!

I guess I am looking for some it is in a photo!