Sunday, July 24, 2011

Who is the guilty party?

So my cute little chicks that we raised from hand are now looking like real chickens. In another 2 months we should see our first eggs.

We cannot wait. The kids have already drawn straws to see who gets the first one for breakfast! My youngest is already planning  his strategy for how much we can sell them for and what to spend the dosh on !

This morning I woke up to a funny noise coming from the coop. I went down to let the girls out and heard the dreaded......."cock a doodle AHHHHH!"

I waited incase I had misheard and there it was again.

Oh no now we have to try & figure out which one is the cockeral! We vowed that if we had a cockeral it would have to go due to neighbours and the noise!

I have to say that Vladivar does look the most manly but we hand raised him watching all of the Celtics games as we thought he was not going to make it! How can he go from the limping "I'm on my last legs" to road runner big cockeral? Too much love maybe?

Watch this space for the conclusion!