Sunday, May 31, 2009

How it must feel to be famous.

So we had a day trip out to the beautiful Portsmouth in NH Sir L & I ,all the kids and Molly.

It was a beautiful day the sun was shining, blue skies and warm temperatures which meant that we could have an outside lunch on a terrace somewhere. Oh we all felt so grown up going to the city.

After a light lunch we took Molly for her first walk in the city. I cannot believe how many people stopped to pet her. One couple were even taking photo's of her. Old folks, young folks, toddlers, in fact just about the whole population of Portsmouth plus the tourists petted her.

After a while I realised how this could work to my advantage. Sir L could stand outside the shops with the dog & get lots of attention whilst I shopped away.

The first hour was a novelty until I realised that we had only gone in 2 shops due to the "Molly crowds." Then after hearing everyone's stories of their dogs, dogs they grew up with to how many dogs they had it became a little too "sameish." Molly loved the attention, someone even gave her a puppy muffin from a special dog treat store!

Now there is something wrong with this picture as there is no English shop within a 2 hour drive of where we live however here is a dog treat store! Bah humbug!

I have had 3 babies and had people stop & coo but I have to say that Molly pulls more crowds than a newborn. This is how it must feel to be famous as everyone wants to talk or touch you!

Not for me thanks!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So you have all seen the photo's of our Molly who is just as cute as a button.

She is super smart and at the age of 10 weeks knows her name, comes when called, lies down on command and stays when asked to. (Proud mum non?)
She is playable, lovable and steals whatever clothing she can and marches it off to her crate for safe keeping.
However when it comes to tiddling she loves our kitchen floor. I take her out just as the book says and she piddles & then comes in 10 mins later & drops another puddle. We take her out regularly yet seem to be failing on catching her "2 second I have to go look."
So my question to all you dog lovers. Am I expecting too much from a 10 week old puppy to be making progress on house training?
The blessed book states 12 weeks is when they can control themselves & I can wait. I am not quite ready to hit her on the nose with a magazine as she is so little.
So I am open to any suggestions folks!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer time is almost here?

Things to look forward to:
  1. Margarita season, Sir L is a dab hand at these.
  2. Quiet cups of coffee on the deck before the kids rise.
  3. Sitting on my Adirondack chair watching the kids on the "slip & slide" whilst Sir L BBQ's.
  4. Early morning walks in the peaceful countryside always hoping to spot a moose or bear.
  5. That warm toasty feeling of your bones that you had forgotten about during the icy winter months.
  6. Jumping in the lake just to cool off!
  7. Hiking and enjoying the beautiful mountains of NH.
  8. Going for a boat ride and looking at the posh houses on the lake and playing the "guess what they do for a living game." It can become quite wild after a few bevvies!
  9. Watching wild turkeys dash across our lawn...
  10. Listening to the hummingbirds wings whirling as I sit in the screened porch with a good book.
  11. Waiting for the tippee season to begin....
  12. Watching the fairy houses become council estate size.
  13. Family coming over from England with never ending supplies of decent tea bags, chocolate and custard powder!
  14. Finally Molly becoming house trained so I do not step in any more piddle!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bloggng Excuses....

  1. Sir L is out of town for 9 days.

  2. Two away track meets.

  3. Two away AAU basketball tournaments.

  4. Working 2 part time jobs.

  5. The final but best is our new Molly our 9 week old Yellow Lab!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009


What an entertaining Circle Time we had today with the three year olds.

They are so lovable the way they blurt out everyones secrets in such an innocent manner.

Let me set the scene here. They were sat on the ABC rug in a circle taking it in turn telling the class about what they had done over the vacation. Of course there are the ones that have been somewhere exotic, others that had been to the beach or to Grammy's house for a sleepover. Others that were thrilled to bake cookies with their mum etc.

Suddenly the conversation went off at a tangent which is quite common. One child showed his "boo boo" on his knee.

Well then it became competition time.

Suddenly they were all trying to be the most dramatic taking shoes off to show their bruised big toes to the scratches on their arms to the bug bites on their ears.

Today however there was a clear winner.

One little sweetheart pipes up " We went to Azona on a big plane and my sister got a splinter in her gina!"

This comment flies over everybodies heads whilst the teachers look at each other with a "how the dickens did that happen look?"

"I held her hand whilst mummy got it out. My sister cried a lot." Cried, I would have screamed blue murder!

The thought brings tears to ones eyes.

The most amusing part is that the other children did not comment.

"Time for snack" I say wanting to move on until we get more details.

So folks do not worry about going to Mexico & catching Swine Flu. Here is a word of warning stay well away from Arizona!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finally I have 3!

A friend took pity on me & helped me complete my old "snow day project!"

Now I just need a knitting problem solver!