Sunday, September 26, 2010


This morning I sat out on the deck sipping my hot frothy latte, in my pyjama's. It was so hot that I almost whipped my top off. Then I remembered that my mother in law & her bboyfriend were staying! I did not want to send them into a cardiac arrest! Well not yet anyway! (Naughty Daffodilly!)

I watched a tiny red maple leaf float down to the ground and wondered how that would feel. Then I heard the geese honking as they flew hummingbirds have left so we know what is coming next!

Ahhh! Its a bittersweet feeling. I love the summer and adore the fall & I do enjoy the winter however it is just so long.

September is always a time of change weatherwise, getting back into school, sports activities every night, remembering how to prepare ahead something for dinner so we are not going to bed as soon as we have eaten. Its good, really it is!

I even have my knitting needles out....starting off the new season very intrepidly...a as not to get discouraged as I still have my fingerless gloves on a needle waiting for some advice!

We are off to the White Mountains for the day to go "leaf peeping." Even the TV show where the leaves are peeking on a map just like the weather.

Hopefully I will find my camera cord soon so I can share the build up of photo's that I have waiting!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Workman everywhere......

Here I am stuck at home waiting for the TV man to come and connect us up to the TV....of course you have to be at home between 12-4 and wait for his arrival...just like waiting for the Queen!

(We always get the TV disconnected during the summer so that the kids do not just veg & flick it on whilst we are working. I find that they also do more outdoor activities, play games, read and do crafts as an alternative. However once the weather turns I have to admit that I do crave my HGTV & BBC America...sad lass that I am!)

I wish I was having some quiet time at home but oh no, we are going solar and I have men on my roof drilling holes, men in my basement with tons of boxes, wires and piping. Lots of sawing noises & the odd melody as one of them likes to sing. Ah well.....cannot wait to add Mr. TV man to the mix & see if he can sing me a little chorus too!

There is no privacy anywhere!

I would send you some photos however some little monkey has moved my "camera - computer" cord & it just cannot be found anywhere! One of the annoyances of having children!

Since the weather is turning into our most beautiful Fall with the trees starting to change color I feel a baking session coming on. Maybe some homemade blueberry scones and a roast turkey dinner. I have to admit due to the size of the American ovens I cannot just bake one thing as it is such a waste. So I always end up making a pie or two & roasted veggies etc to be eco friendly & not to waste the heat!

Does anyone else have this guilty conscience when they use their oven? Seriously you could cook a whole pig in these American ovens!

Anyway I am in a blabbing mood as you can tell. So I will go and do something constructive & look for the darn cable!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I want to live by the ocean.

This weekend was a long one called Labor Day honour of all the workers in USA.

We headed off to the ocean for 3 nights to chill & celebrate/commiserate that the end of summer was here.

When I am at the ocean I just melt. I can spend hours walking the beaches watching the waves rolling around and of course eyeing up the odd surfboarder!

I guess I am at that age..I call it looking for firm flesh!

Anyway I must not diverse..back to my crashing waves..... supposedly Hurricane Earl was due to hit the East coast & I have to admit I was a little ticked off. The only weekend we went away in the whole summer & a friggin hurricane was due! You got to be kidding me!

You have to understand that this years summer has been outstanding. The heat arrived in May & has been consistent & still is at around 80 degrees. We have been swimming in the lake for 5 months...unheard of! It has been heavenly!

Anyway we drove to Maine in the rain.....which was OK as we needed it. The next day we awoke expecting rain and hurricane winds...oh no. Beautiful blue skies, 80 degrees weather & the beach was a calling me!

Thank you Mother Nature.

Ahh the ocean just oozes energy to me, which I lap up. The way that it sparkles, changing from all shades of blue from aquamarine to cobalt all in one wave still astounds me.

The smell of the ocean and the seaweed boosts my energy reserves to no end.

Hearing the seagulls crying overhead and listening to the waves crashing and heading back to sea is just so invigorating.

So I return to NH full of energy & life.

Oh yes I exercised tonight after working and doing the sports pick up runs....I can fit it in! Molly still had her walk.

NO wine tonight.....eating healthy & cutting down on the booze.

Let's see how long this lasts!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My princess day.

Yesterday was my "I'm a princess day."

I started the day waving off number 1 to their first day of High School.

Drove the other two monsters to school. Smiling as I drove away!

Nipped over to my uncles cabin on the lake to take some photo' was already 85 degrees at 8.30ams so I stripped off, found an old bathing suit of someones & took a dip....................yes all on my own....very exciting. Unfortunately there were things to be done so I dragged myself out of the refreshing lake over to the yoga studio where I had the best hot stones massage in the world!

Then off to the hairdressers for a cut and blow. Ahhah I look gorgeous!

Ending with  dashing home to wash the kitchen floor....nice whilst it lasted!