Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer time is almost here?

Things to look forward to:
  1. Margarita season, Sir L is a dab hand at these.
  2. Quiet cups of coffee on the deck before the kids rise.
  3. Sitting on my Adirondack chair watching the kids on the "slip & slide" whilst Sir L BBQ's.
  4. Early morning walks in the peaceful countryside always hoping to spot a moose or bear.
  5. That warm toasty feeling of your bones that you had forgotten about during the icy winter months.
  6. Jumping in the lake just to cool off!
  7. Hiking and enjoying the beautiful mountains of NH.
  8. Going for a boat ride and looking at the posh houses on the lake and playing the "guess what they do for a living game." It can become quite wild after a few bevvies!
  9. Watching wild turkeys dash across our lawn...
  10. Listening to the hummingbirds wings whirling as I sit in the screened porch with a good book.
  11. Waiting for the tippee season to begin....
  12. Watching the fairy houses become council estate size.
  13. Family coming over from England with never ending supplies of decent tea bags, chocolate and custard powder!
  14. Finally Molly becoming house trained so I do not step in any more piddle!


Almost American said...

tippee season??

DH returned from the weekend grocery shopping this afternoon with a bottle of tequila. Friends arriving in a few minutes and it looks as though the thunderstorms may have passed us by, so we'll be out on the deck with our margaritas :-)

Thanks for the reminder to fill the hummingbird feeder! I usually fill it too late in the season and if they don't discover it early enough they just ignore it!

Little Britainer said...

Summer has just about made it to New York, so it should be in your neck of the woods within a week or two, I'd have thought! I wish we had space in which to lounge in adirondack chairs, sounds idyllic. The fire escape doesn't quite do it...

Expat mum said...

Yes, what the heck is Tippee season??
We had a fab day yesterday at the beautiful home of friends. It has more garden than my kids have ever seen, backs onto Lake Michigan and the beaches. Obviuosly too cold to go in the water but still....
Summer's a comin'.

Daffodilly said...

Tippee season is wigwams. Spell check would not clarify the correct spelling so maybe I have it spelt incorrectly.

If so sorry however I did have you all guessing for a while!