Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Well hello there summer!

At last another delicious day at the lake, yes that makes two in a row....Mother Nature is on a "let's make Daffodilly a happy lady mode!"

"Oh thank you so much Mother Nature please oh please may I have a few more sunny days?"

Today can only be described as "Delightfulness in a nutshell"......

1. Getting up early to a blue cloudless sky.

2. Having coffee on the deck listening to the wood pigeons...& trying to keep Molly quiet...she has found her bark!

3. Setting off on my morning walk & hearing the bullfrogs in the "fit to burst" pond.

4. Sitting on the beach & actually able to read a book whilst the clan swim.

5. Jumping off the dock & the contented feeling of being in cool fresh lake water after baking my bones.

6. That "I'm relaxed and I think a glass of wine is needed before I start the dinner & towel drying process" as everything can wait feeling.

7. Oh yes the lake the clear, warm lapping water covering my feet to keep my temperature just right. I think that I forgot to mention that!

8. A yummy BBQ, watermelon, corn and salad...summer is oh so definetely here!

9. Followed by freshly picked blueberries....life is good!

1 comment:

MikeH said...

Sounds idylic. Want to trade places for a few days? ;)