Sunday, March 14, 2010

In a quandry..what shall I do? Please vote A or B!

Just completed yet another few days training & of course a few tests which were interesting since one was an in depth personality one!


Well I am in a quandry what in the earth shall I do?

A) At present I work T-F 10-2 & Sat 8-12.15pm. This works well whilst the kids are in school as I can attend all the meets, games etc, get to work out & walk the dog. However its not so dandy when they are off on vacation as I cannot do anything fun in the day with them e'g. as go to the ocean, parks etc as the hours are plonk in the middle of the day.

B) A new shift has come up at work Thursday & Friday 8-5 & Sat ams. This would be great through the summer vacation & just think of the time I would have off in the week to volunteer or even get another part time job. However when it comes to after school activities & daycare it would be trickier if number 1 had sports after school (which is regularly) the other two are too young to be on their own.

Oh what shall I do A or B?

Of course they may not even let me apply for another job after such a short period of employment which would be the answer!


Almost American said...

I have similar issues here! For me the thing that saves me during (most) of the school year is the fact that there is a before and after school program at my kids' school. It doesn't help though when I have school and my kids don't.

If you can find the childcare you need and you have the option, I'd definitely go for the longer hours two days a week.

Expat mum said...

A lot of people here use college students who are free around the same time as the kids. It's hard to find a babysitter for just a couple of hours as they often want the longer days.