Monday, January 24, 2011

8.20pm & it is - 18 degrees C

Can it really get any colder?

Oh yes tonight we are supposed to drop to -35C...holy moly!

Oh my!

Poor Molly is desperate to go for a walk, I let her out & she shoots straight back into the house.

It is so cold that when I filled up with petrol this afternoon I only filled up the tank half way as it was just too cold even with full winter gear on to be outside.

Some schools had a 2 hour delay as the temperatures were too dangerous for the children to wait outside for more than a few minutes due to the risk of frostbite.

It is times like this that I wonder why the hell I live here?

Then I remember.......

how fun it is to go snow shoeing straight into my back garden and into the woods.
to gather up the clan and go ski-ing for the afternoon.
making a snowman with my enthusiastic little one.
snuggle inside and bake filling the house with yummy smells.
curling up with a good book
picking up my knitting needles and clickity clacking away.
drinking oodles of hot chocolate.

and my favourite watching "Gone with the Wind" with a pot of tea, English chocolate and my daughter...our yearly snow event.

How do you keep busy during our special weather season I wonder?


Almost American said...

minus 35?? OK, I was definitely looking up the wrong part of NH when I was trying to figure out if it was colder here or there. Of COURSE it's colder there - you're further north!

We had one school district near here that was closed because they couldn't get enough buses started, and another that said buses would be running late because they were asking kids to wait in their houses until they saw the bus coming down the road!

There's something about gassing the car up that is so much colder than anything else I have to do outside!

AliBlahBlah said...

I'm sure 'going for a walk on the beach' wasn't the answer you were looking for - but that's what we do out here on a wintry day. I loved your highlights if wintry weather. I am keeping my fingers crossed I win the HGTV dream home so I too can go skiing from my backyard!

Daffodilly said...

A walk on the beach sounds heavenly...just had 20 inches dumped on us today!