Saturday, March 12, 2011

To cruise or not to cruise.....

Definitely do it!

Now my history is that if a back packer travelling around the world. Which then lead to living in a camper for a year  touring & working around Europe. Once we had the 3 kids we always vacationed by going self catering which was often a challenge in places like Jamaica & the Dominican Republic.

One of my dearest friends had tried to talk me into going on a cruise with the girls ( I felt too guilty so did not go) or to go with the family.... still did not go. 5 years later we went on one. Folks this is the way to travel if you feel the need for a break or a total indulgence book one today.

This cruise which was on the Norwegian Dawn was phenomenal.

The staff were wonderful, the food superb including lots of foreign exotic food, the ship was spotless, tons of activities for children and adults, great shows at night and fantastic ports of call. I am surprised that they try & sell so much art work and jewellery on board... I guess it is a big seller just not my cup of tea!

I cannot believe that I have come back to earth with a great big bump! Miami airport would do that to anybody! Rude staff, no aircon...hello its humid here, dirty, dirty place!

So now I am back to walking the dog early in the morning in full snow gear battling the rain &/or snow! Back to work, making lunches and cooking & god forbid we came home with 10 days worth of laundry for a family of five..............................never ending!  

Oh well it was fantastic just need to save up for another one! All donations are gladly accepted!

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AliBlahBlah said...

Thanks for this. I too have cruise-mad friend, but haven't taken the plunge for fear of crowds etc, but a fully catered break with childcare - that sounds blissful!