Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It Feels Good...

One of our traditions at the beginning of the school holidays is to turf out the kids rooms........not one of our favourites mind you!

I started with the youngest...oh Mr. Hand me down guy. It took a whole day. It did help that he is able to let stuff go which is huge. Nothing is harder than trying to cajole a child into giving toys away that they MUST keep yet they never touch.

Two large trash bags, 2 boxes plus a huge tree house toy later we were done. Normally I give toys away to kids who I know need them or give them, to our dump shop where locals can take then free of charge. Any large tag items e.g. Thomas the train set I try and sell on Craigslist etc. and them give the kids the money.

This year I had my Mother in law & friend arriving on the same day so the pressure was on. I decided to just take it all to the dump.

I did feel a little guilty.

However, on arrival at the dump there was a 3 year old little girl with her parents looking through the toys and clothes, she was about to leave until I told her we had some toys. When I brought the tree house in her little face lit up.

I knew I had done the right thing.

I told my son and we talked about the how nice is it to pass on your stuff to people who need or like it.
He said " I have warmness in my belly"..........I call that one lesson learnt!

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Jane said...

What a lovely story. We've just done the same thing here. The Little Guy is going to middle school, so it was time for his room to reflect his new status. Boy have we turned out a lot of stuff! He now has a room with room!!