Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ticking along.

I've aaccomplished:

  • read at least 5 books
  • spent 3 glorious days perched on the beach looking at the glistening sea
  • enjoyed watching my children dig the biggest holes..oops sorry hot tubs they could dig for hours on the beach   
  • Vladivar has moved to a new farm
  • went blueberry picking
  • made blueberry jam that set!!!
  • cleared out kids stuff and passed it on
  • enjoyed a day at a water park when it was too hot to do anything else
  • seen lots of my good friends
  • had lots of family visit
  • I have a nice healthy tan and glow
  • watched my daughter with a new boyfriend going through the various emotions..tricky!
  • lazy days at the lake
  • blustery boat rides
  • a sprinkling of parties
  • wiggled my hips at Zumba

To accomplish:
  • new exercise routine that fits with the school schedule
  • hmm hello rescue my garden from its weeds as trees are now getting established roots.
  • have a clean car...hard one!
  • clear out all clutter
  • get a new hobby
in the meantime enjoy life and what is left of the summer.

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