Monday, September 12, 2011

Sadness all around

Not only have we just passed the 10th anniversary of 9/11 which was sad for everyone it seems as if my life is on a sad roller coaster at the moment.

One of my old bosses has just died and I am going to his Celebration of Life tomorrow. I'm nervous. I have only ever been to 2 funerals in my life, the last one was my mums. The Americans tend to do the wake thing when you can visit the body which is just too much for me. I have never seen a dead body and have no desire to.

All the memories of what a family go through are flooding my brain and filling me with sadness.

My 8 year old came home from school to tell me that a little girl in his class is in a wheelchair as she has cancer on the brain.

My dental hygienist has just passed this week from cancer too leaving a 4 year old son to be raised by his dad.

There really needs to be a cure found to save more lives.

The Breast Cancer Walk is coming up at the beginning of October. My children and I will be walking it so please sponsor a walker if you can afford it.

All of us together can help find a cure and save some of these wasted precious lives.

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