Sunday, December 30, 2007

Back to nature!

After the Xmas indulgence of rich food, excessive drink....please champagne & orange juice for breakfast..such a lush! Not to mention the humungous chocolate overdose, lazy mornings with Sir L's freshly whipped coffee lattes served in bed....none the less! It was time to gulp in the fresh wintry air, stretch those sleepy muscles & hit the ski slopes!
We have had about 24 inches of snow so far this was so time to go & abuse it!
We all went which took approximately 1 1/2 hours to pack & get into the car. Can someone please tell me how a 4 year old can have broken 2 pairs of ski pants in the past 2 days & I did not know??? Oh yes the new ski pants zipper had broken...the spare pair... the buckle had gone missing! Where who knows!!! I was not going to dig up the back garden....all 5 acres of it with 24 inches of deep snow... so a good knot did the trick!
Forty five minutes later we were at the slopes... heavenly!
Now let it be known that I am not a particularly good skier & on average I only go a few times a year which is a disgrace considering where I live!
Today's experience was just magical.
It was "cosily warm" &, sunny with azure blue skies. No queues or lines, great snow with just a little crunch and no ice which I detest! The best part of ski-ing is the peace & quiet & being at one with nature. Not for long. That is until the 4 year old has a temper tantrum as he wants so badly to go on the ski lift.
Eh hello... he has only skied twice in all of his life....he can do the pizza with his ski's but that is it!
After carrying him, ski's a kicking, goggles flying, curse words beng muttered &, dropping hats, I admitted defeat & we went inside.
The peace was nice whilst it lasted!

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