Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm going mental!

Oh my goodness everything is going wrong. First of all this darn computer is having surges so sometimes it will connect & sometimes not! I would not mind except for the fact that it is a new PC, so it has no excuses!

Then my new knitting project which is extremely mentally draining so much so that I can only knit in total solitude with no my friends will confirm I will not (well more like I am incapable) of taking calls unless I have finished a row! I have gone seriously wrong & I have had to undo the blasted thing. A whole 3 days worth of work.

I am using the new PC which is a laptop & I am struggling with stroking this little silver square to get the mouse to work. It just seems to be a little pervy to me! Anybody know how long it takes to adapt??

I guess I do not like change which confirms that I am old & grumpy today too!

Oh yes, we put the Christmas tree up yesterday & all the lights would not work so Sir L gave the kids a lesson on how to use a multi meter. The result was to go & buy new lights as it was cheaper than buying replacement bulbs. Now how can that be when we are all becoming so recylingly conscious?

Enough grumbling maybe tomorrow will see me knit the whole hat, mend the PC all by myself...(would take a b...dy miracle) & write a letter to the lights people demanding a breakdown on price, profit etc!

Bye folks from a grumpy Daffodilly!

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Anonymous said...

ha ha ha!

I JUST left you a "grinchy" present at my site and look, you already had one of your own. Oh well, guess you'll have to regift it--