Tuesday, February 5, 2008

British Daffodilly.

On Friday night Sir L came home looking very chuffed with himself....he handed me 2 bunches of daffodils from the UK. I could have cried! Daffodils are my most favourite flower in the whole world!

They mean spring is here! (Well in the UK anyway, definetly not in NH!)

Spring is the best time in the UK with daffodils, snowdrops, tulips & hyacinths everywhere. Fluffy cloudy sky's, cute baby lambs frolicking in the fields and green everywhere! Green hedges, green grass, green trees starting to bud and oh the blossoms that come in late spring are just gob smackingly gorgoeus! Oh yes I am homesick!!!!

Not to mention that today I woke up to a snow storm....oh yes the darling weather forecast was calling for snow flurries (not a worry in NH.)

At 6.30am the deal was a 2 hour snow delay for the kids.

By 8.30am no school today kids! What the heck?

Do these weather forecast folk ever get sacked or fired for getting so many peoples lives screwed up by a predicted mistake in the weather?

So I look longingly at my daffodils, clamp my eyes shut & I pretend that I am in the Lake District at home. Oh for Ambleside & its bubbly pubs, fresh air, superb hiking and the yummy Kendal mint cake, open toasty fireplace's, cream tea's & fudge! Hopefully in May I will get there!!


Expatmum said...

I think you must have your rose tinted specs on - it's always lashing down in the Lakes!

Daffodilly said...

Maybe, however you can always take refuge in those cosy pubs with the roaring fires!

Little Britainer said...

You must be very loved! I also think daffodils are beautiful and I saw some for sale in NY this week and thought about buying them for myself - then I saw the price... They were $10 for a small bunch of maybe 5!

ExpatKat said...

Just looked at my daffodils starting to push their way through the soil in the front yard. Can't wait until they're in full bloom. The crocuses are just starting to flower though, which is always a sign of brighter days to come!

Daffodilly said...

OH my New York is a rip off! Over here in the boonies they are $3 for 10!

Almost American said...

I remember a friend filming in disbelief as we drove through North Wales in March - miles and miles of daffodils along the central reservation.

Every year we plant a few more (30-40) daffodils in the back yard but one year I'm going to get serious and plant several hundred. They don't stay in bloom as long over here though.

Oh, and in our school district I'm pretty sure it's the school superintendent who makes the decision about delayed starts vs no school, but he's advised by the Works dept.