Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Definition of Frustration!

Saturday day = 6 inches of snow
Saturday evening = 5 inches of snow
Sunday morning = need to shovel!
Definition of frustration = your shovel is buried in a 6 foot snowbank that is frozen!
Oh yes more snow is due today!

This is a photo of my house from the road.....a 10 foot


The final definition of frustration is receiving an e-mail from

Sir L by the Golden Gate bridge in the sun enjoying a latte!

I had better get shovelling!!!!


Expatmum said...

Today the sun is shining brightly and we have no snow. That's mainly because it is 0 farenheit (minus 25 with the wind chill factor) and thus TOO COLD to snow. Back to normal tomorrow though, with more sodding snow. I am still having difficulty getting my car in and out of the garage so I have decided I am only leaving the house to walk the little one to and from school. I was not born for such a climate!

Daffodilly said...

I am sat here in a powercut with 3 kids who will not go to bed in the dark! The wind is screaming around the house, the windows are splattered with snow & I have dug us out twice today. And to round it all off... a huge storm is due Wednesday!

I have to get out of here!

Just received an e-mail from Sir L in CA tasting the reds in a winery!

Little Britainer said...

ouch! I hope he makes it up to you by shoveling all that snow (and that he gets back ok). It's bitterly cold in New York too, but no snow. I'm also hoping the weather changes soon...