Sunday, February 7, 2010

Staying happy & positive!

NH in February is a huge challenge for me. It is not just the bitter weather (-20's), the cabin fever, the dried saw red hands and face, knowing that winter will go on for at least 3 more months it's the WTF are we living here for?

When the weather stops you from normal every day activities such as walking the dog. I have to wear full snow gear, a fleecy mask & goggles as the snow is swirling around whipping at my body. The thought of having to get out of the car as you need to buy milk & you have to wear a hat, gloves etc or your fingers hurt & sometimes worth going without!

Anyway normally we go away in the kids February vacation which is great to warm your bones, re hydrate your skin and to enjoy the sunshine & wearing fewer clothes...obviously we do not go to the UK but somewhere in the Caribbean or at least Florida!

Alas due to my new career path I cannot get any time off so we are staying here!!!

This is not helped by Sir L who keeps telling me to quit the job & let’s go away! Bless him!

So I am on a "lets stay happy" mode.

I ordered "Dear Fatty' written by Dawn French (all the way from the UK) who always makes me laugh without fail......oh Dawn you have let me down the book is not doing it for me!

I have just ordered new Sorrel boots that will come up to my knees with fur...due to arrive tomorrow! Excited!

Trying out new drinks.....trying to migrate away from my stable wine phase. Just discovered a raspberry cosmopolitan & pomegranate margarita’s...yeah baby no complaints there!

I've been cooking new dishes....e.g. crab quesadilla's to die for!

Just went snow tubing for the afternoon with the family which was great fun despite the wind chills...I could not face to ski in it!

Yet underneath I feel a disgruntled feeling trying to creep in.

The job does not is getting a little easier but its tricky being new & making mistakes. I'm going through the "Oh I love your accent are you Irish, Australian, New Zealander yet again????? Of course when I make a mistake "it was the girl with the accent!" No hiding there!

I'm going to plod on and look for happy idea's...I think it is daffodils & tulips next...then god help Sir L if I hit the jewellery store!

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Expat mum said...

I have to say I also think "WTF are we doing here?" when we're only half way through the winter.
Last night not only did we have the worst snow storm of this season, but an earthquake at 4am that woke us up. Yeah - we're living on a fault line with crappy winters. Time to move.