Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Mummy what is a Brazilian?"

"Hmm, well honey you know how mummy was born in England?"


"Well I am called an English lady..............I know a little exaggeration!"

“People from Brazil are called Brazilian."

" Oh."

Ten minutes later................



"I think it is something to do with hair!"

Gulp, gulp!

"Oh silly me, it can also be a hairstyle which is like a Mohican hair cut but it’s especially for ladies."

"Oh you don't see many of those around do you?"

"No honey, it seems that more men like them!"

Clever or what??????


Almost American said...

LMAO! I think you handled that very well! (Of course, when whichever one of the children it was eventually finds out the other meaning, they are going to think you are completely clueless!)

bluepoppy said...

oh my god-- you have a TEENager-- but what in god's name is she doing asking about that. . ? eeek!