Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Tag

I seem to be struggling to get my fingers to this pc these days...I guess it is the settling in phase of the summer vacation and the kids being home, the English invasion of guests is due to start, work is ultra busy & stressful and we are eating so much food!!!!

So I am trying to boost myself my copying Expat Mums tag: 

1. Which do you prefer city or country?

I'm definetly a country bumpkin. I need to be able to walk out of my front door into greenery, hills and fresh air.

2. Do you feel old?

Hmm interesting I had my hair streaked last night so I'm feeling kind of special. However my energy level is either lower these days or I push myself too much...not sure which one!

3. What was your most embarassing moment and can you share it?

I've lots of these. One springs to mind............. when we were taking Lamaze classes they gave us a list of what freebies the hospital provided. The first item was "Johnnies." I raised my hand and asked why. Of course everyone laughed. Let me translate here...a Johnny in the UK is a condom...a bit too late for one when giving birth. In USA it is a hospital gown. Embarassing especially as we had only been in the country for 5 months! Personally I thought it was a little kinky...maybe a new way of relaxing for the father to be????

4. What was the best thing you ever did at school?

I was Snow White in the class play in first grade/age 7 years old. I was thrilled as I got to be kissed by the school heart throb who was the prince. As I smiled cunningly at the other girls in the class when he was going to kiss me I started to choke on the apple!......unfortunatley he did not give me the kiss of life as I'm not even sure it existed in those days! He probably whacked me on the romance there!

5. Who do you aspire to be in life?

I guess my mum. She was the most generous and caring person I've ever known. Its only as I look back on her life that I see it so clearly.

6. Do you think that you are ambitious?

People at work think I am "riske" just becuse I have traveled and I am differant i.e foreign. I am ambitious in sports and life but I have come to the acceptance that I cannot really have a great career and be a good mother as I have little support besides Sir L. .

7. If you did'nt do what you do now what would you have liked to do?

I wanted to be in Legs & Co!

8. What is your perfect meal?

A roast chicken dinner, Pinot Grigio and banana's & custard for dessert. Followed by a huge bar of Cadburys Caramel. Yummmyyy!

OK I'm tired so I am signing of here.

Have a good day folks!

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