Monday, April 25, 2011

A need for completion

I'm running around like a headless chicken and I need to learn to say NO!

Due to my "soft get" attitude during the school vacation which I have to work half of I seem to have said yes to :
  • going & turning the eggs that we are hatching at school every other day
  • adopting all the seeds that we are growing at school & making sure they are fed & in the sun etc
  • watching a distant neighbours animals.....without finding out what they were beforehand...a dog/2 cats & a big turtle
  • another friend asked if we could watch their 9 week old puppy for a husband gave me the evil eye!!! I did say no though.
I have a list of stuff I need to complete as I find that everything is not finished & it is giving me this backed up & overwhelming feeling...all my own fault! Very disconcerting!

So this week I am going to accomplish:

  • finish my sweater that I am knitting
  • read a book
  • get haircuts for all the kids & myself
  • hopefully a day at the seaside
  • clear out the wardrobes & get the summer clothes out
  • wash all the ski gear....that was in progress however on Saturday we had 4 inches of slushy snow!
  • pay all the bills on time
  • stop & enjoy some peace
Wish me luck!

1 comment:

AliBlahBlah said...

I love the idea of a fun to do list - kind of a must complete wish list. How funny that we always strive to get the chores done, but the happy projects sit on the back-burner.

Good luck with the sweater & happy spring!