Sunday, May 8, 2011

My brood............

Well the saga of the chicks continues. Margarita is doing very well eating and pooping on a what seems to be a 10 mins basis. Vladivar (the black one) is doing a little better, he enjoys being held by my teenager and watching Glee on the computer or the Celtics on TV! He is still very small an a little feeble & is going to be the runt of the brood...poor baby!

Number 3 egg did not hatch so the other teacher & myself did a c-section in the yard after school......alas it was not fertile even though we had candled it! So then I panicked as any mother hen would as how could we have a coop with 1 fit and 1 might not make it chick? So i went to the local farm and picked out 3 good layers who were 3 weeks old. Here they are Alfie, Sophia & Lizzy!

So my house is a nature reserve at the moment two baby chicks in a heated cage in my sons bedroom, the three above are in the screened porch. Meanwhile my cat & dog are going crazy with all the peeping going on.

Vladivar the unsteady!
Meanwhile my husband is saying WTF did you do? This house is wild!

Alfie & Sophia 3 weeks old.
I smile sweetly & say I'm going to a Sheep & Wool show next week.........

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