Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm a mummy again!

So I guess I have been broody yet again! I have moved away from the them as I do however they cost too much & I'm experiencing the teenage years at present....which can be challenging!

We have incubated 3 eggs and today two of them hatched. It was such an amazing experience talking to the eggs and watching them respond by pecking their way out of the egg......chicken whisperer here I come. I have to say that they are very ugly at birth but as soon as they fluff up....ohhh adorable as the Americans would say! The English would say cute!

The first one is called margarita...not the pizza! Number 2 is Cosmopolitan and number 3 has not cracked be continued.

Pictures are to follow....I have a new phone & not quite sure how to get the photo's off it yet! I spent the day receiving calls with no sound... had to wait for the princess to sort it out out after school! 

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