Thursday, August 23, 2007

The world is against me

So my saga continues... my SIS & niece got delayed by 9 hours in Newark which made their arrival time at our house 3am. My husband had to go & pick them up at 1am so he was totally wrecked & crabby yesterday. The washer is dead & I am in mourning. Seven people in my house creating tons of dirty laundry via swimming in the lake, painting, food spillages etc etc. & no means of resolving the issue. So today all 6 of us are going on a trip to purchase a new washer... just what my english relatives want.. to go sightseeing at Home Depot & Lowe's.

Then I was informed that my niece is just getting over a long period of nits! Now I am not religious but please have not let my kids or my hubby & I get them. I do not even have a washer to kill the little tikes with. Off to buy tree tea oil shampoo & if that fails a shaver to shave everyones heads with.

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