Saturday, March 1, 2008

Did you miss me?

I have been absent from the bloggers world for a while..why you may ask?

Firstly I have been extremely "down in the dumps" living in this frozen snow ridden monstrosity of an existence. Believe me 135 inches of snow since November is not even a little bit pretty anymore!!!

Secondly we just ran away fo a week on a cruise, but do you think that mother nature helped?

Oh no, the old cow decided to throw a huge snowstorm on Friday..we were due to leave on Saturday!

We watched the news diligently on all channels... however would they be correct?

We went on line to every weather site that exisited...could they be trusted?

God damn it, the thought of missing my escape to the sun threw me into a hormonal rage....poor Sir L!

Needless to say we were not ready to pack and go a day earlier than planned!

I took the day off work as did Sir L. We threw stuff together, hit the dump to get rid of 2 weeks worth of rubbish..I did not want mice moving in, pumped up the tyres of Bluebell ( my steady stead) grabbed the kids from school & hit the road.

Oh yes prepared we were, however mother nature was still out to get us!

The storm was hitting NH and was expected to dump 2-4 inches..that was not too bad!

Followed by sleet and icy rain.....not so good.

Guess where she had decided to send the huge storm, a "severe weather alert" type of storm.....

to MA, CT & NY.

We had to get the boat in Manhattan which involved driving through all three of the above states!

Mother nature was really out to get us!

We drove into the heart of the snowstorm, battling against everyone who was leaving work early to escape the storm. It felt as if someone was chucking bucketfulls of snow at Bluebell. The roads were slushy, slippery and "kin" awful.

Where there should have been car lanes just snow, snow...and more snow so people just followed each other.

The blind leading the blind!

To cut a long "woe is me story" short the journey took 7 1/2 hours ( 3 1/2 hours longer than it should have), we saw 14 accidents and stopped in CT for the night.

We made the boat after another 2 hour drive in the morning and had a great time.


We came home today.

As we drove closer to home we noticed that people were on their roofs shovelling does make you a little nervous as you approach your own house, especially as we live on top of a hill!

Oh yes a welcome home present of ....................22 inches of snow!

Back to shoveling! She won the old tart!


Almost American said...

What a stressful start to a holiday! I always panic when we plan to go away in the winter that a storm will come along and stop us from leaving! The last time we went to the UK we made it out just in time - the plane took off from Logan at 8 p.m. and by 10 a huge ice-storm began!

One year we had very wisely arranged to pay some friends to plough the driveway while we were away. There was something like 3 or 4 feet of snow in the 2 weeks we were gone.Boy, was it nice to come back to a driveway that we could actually get up without having to get out and shovel first! We still had to dig my car out (even though our friends had already dug it out once while we were away!)

Almost American said...

Oh, and yes, I missed you!

AliBlahBlah said...

Yes you were missed!!

Feeling guiltier by the second about writing a post the other day about how disappointed I was with a week of cloud and drizzle.

Southern California appears to be getting to me....

Hope you had a brilliant time on your cruise.

Expatmum said...

I used to quite enjoy not being able to get back to Chicago, even though having to keep a family in Utah for an extra night (and day of skiing) proved somewhat expensive. These days however, with a kid in high school and one in middle school, they panic if they have to miss any time at all.
I am totally over all this snow I have to say. We are having a warm day today but have feet of snow against the house, melting. The worry now is that it will all leak into the basement. Then of course, it will all freeze over and become a death-defying ice rink.

Daffodilly said...

Thank you all for your nice comments.