Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I love Nike Poly bags!

Another bad day....I know I' m a whiner!

6.30am school calls a 2 hour delay.

7.30am school is cancelled.

7.45am call boss to explain I will not be in again for the third week due to snow & vacation days

9am I have a house full of kids....5

10am handle breaks off downstairs loo.

4pm head to the gym with 4 kids..I need a break!

5pm drop extra kids off at their house.

6pm My 9 year old feels ill in the car.

6.06pm he is pewking into a poly bag.

6.25pm arrive at home...dilemma what to do with bag of sick!


1) Throw it in the garden...cannot throw it over the 10 foot snowbank & it is not environmentally friendly.

2) Pour it in the toilet! Oh no the downstairs loo is broken.

Conclusion: Carry the bag upstairs over my carpets......begging the bag not to leak!


Make a note to self to write to Nike thanking them for making strong bags that do not leak!


Expatmum said...

Ooh, we have a few upstairs, although I would hope that the next time someone throws up in our house, we have a working loo! A bag of sick - good job I didn't have a big breakfast!

June said...

Actually there's a tons of heavy duty poly bags that you can find online. You may also find some places to do custom poly bags.