Friday, April 4, 2008

BBC News :M&S Knickers save the day!

A family home was saved from burning down when a pair of giant knickers were used to put out a fire.
Jenny Marsey’s size 18-20 cotton pants were a lifesaver when they were grabbed to cover a frying pan fire at her home in Meryl Gardens, Hartlepool, Teesside.
Her son and nephew were trying to fry some bread when the blaze broke out.
But the quick-thinking pair used the Marks & Spencer underwear from a pile of washing, doused them in water, and threw them over the fire.
Mrs Marsey, 53, said: “My £4.99 parachute knickers have come in handy for something. We’ve had a good laugh that they were a bit like a fire blanket.”

Mrs Marsey, who is also mother to Sarah, 23, Joanne, 24, and Donna, 27, added: “I think if they had been my daughter Sarah’s skimpy knickers they wouldn’t have done any good.

One advantage of chinny knickers vs thongs!


BritGal' Sarah said...


M&S have a whole new ad campaign there in the making!

Anonymous said...


Expatmum said...

I'm sure I have heard this before. Was it an April Fool's prank?
(I was just going to toss some of my granny jobs, but I think I will keep them now - just in case._

Iota said...

Margaret Thatcher told the nation she shopped at M&S for underwear. If they were good enough for her, I'm sure they'd be good enough to take on most domestic fires.