Monday, April 7, 2008

Chunky Cheeseits!

I've just been laughing at another blog who was describing a torturous visit to "Chucky Cheese's" which gave my memory a jolt... a rare occasion these days!

When # 2 was 3 years old he went to daycare 4 days a week and on the fifth day was "mummy's day." I would try & get all the shopping, laundry etc. done so that I could have quality time one on one with him in the afternoon. (ie. not feel so guilty for working the other 4 days a week!)

One day I asked him "Do you prefer mummy days or going to school?" feeling confident that I was the winner.

His response " oh school days."

Needless to say I was crushed & broken hearted. I needed to think of a speedy plan to get back into first position.

So I suggested that on the next mummy day we would go to "Chunky Cheeseits" for lunch, which gave him great pleasure as he bragged to his older sister who had to go to school.

So after enduring an 1 1/2 hour drive we got to the wretched place, ate the greasy pizza, spent a fortune on games, gave the Rat a high five and painfully cashed in our tokens to purchase more crap, at last it was time to leave.

Obviously he did not want to leave, so there was a little tantrum on exit!

Personally I could not wait to get out of there even with a screaming child

On the way home after a candy treat ( I was out to win OK!) I asked the question "do you prefer mummy days or school days?"

"Oh definitely mummy days" he muttered as he nodded off.

What can I say but MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! (thanks Chucky Cheese's)


Janice (aka HRH, Mme. L) said...

I'll fill my house in Webkinz before I'd darken the door of that Rat Palace or Funspot AGAIN.

Germ festivals....ever think what lurks inside all those plastic tunnels???


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Iota said...

I'm glad Chuck E did it for your son. As you say, 'mission accomplished!' But was it also 'precedent set' for future mummy days?

Daffodilly said...

OH no I am way too cheap to do it again!