Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where do you belong?

Sometimes it is hard living in a foreign country as you really are not sure where you belong.

After surviving this horrendous winter (that is still on going on..more snow due on Friday!) I long to go back home to the UK or France or even better beautiful Portugal!

Sir L & I would spend hours discussing where we would like to "end up" and now we don't! So what has changed? Is it the mortgage, three kids and routine that we have settled for or should we still be planning to buy and renovate our dream farmhouse in France?

It seems that every day life is so demanding with all the "stuff" that you have to do, your dreams do not get a look in. The most ironic point here is that it is all your own making. You take on the jobs that may not be perfect but it fits into your life. Let the kids do activities so that you are a full time unpaid taxi driver, go back to college to get your brain into gear which involves homework and extra hours, work out at the gym, yet complain when your muscles ache and the circle of life goes on.

I guess there is no time for dreams at the moment! Or is it that we just become more realistic?

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Iota said...

I guess we never like to think we're near the point where we have to admit we're running out of time, and should put our "ending up" strategy into operation.