Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Continental Airlines (ctd)

I have 4 words of advise for everybody "NEVER USE CONTINENTAL AIRLINES"

Why you may ask?

Well here is Chapter 2: The Return Journey to USA:

9.30am flight to Newark USA...surprisingly on time.

12.30pm (USA time) arrive at terminal to get next flight due in 2 hours..delayed 30 mins..that is ok.

1.30pm husband calls they have canceled the flight, the next one is at 9.50pm... hmm no thanks as if they cancel that one I will be sleeping on the floor at Newark airport!

1.35pm join the line at customer service..no one on the gates could help. The line is 100 people deep as you know that Continental cancel flights as often as you blink your eyes!

1.50pm The line is not moving so I call the reservations desk on my cell phone. No flights to Boston as they are all full..(there were 4 listed) have to wait for the 9.5opm.....7 hours not on your nelly!

2pm start chatting to an elderly man who was tryig to get to Manchester NH too & he was from Salford where my mum is from. We decide to ditch our luggage, rent a car & drive home.

3pm we get a car & a GPS & driveoff into Manhattan.

Imagine my husbands response when I tell him I have met a man, we have rented a car & are on our way to NH! Oh yes a total stranger!

And in reverse Mr D who calls his daughter ......I know we were very trusting!

9pm we arrive at Manchester airport & depart our separate ways.

The bill for the car $256 for 6 hours...another battle that I to handle.

The good part to this story is that Mr D & I may even be related!

He knows some of my mums friends as they grew up in the same area. Of course we know each others life stories after 6 hours but I have to say I would never have driven without him.

He is over here visiting his daughter who is also from Salford and we will invite them over for dinner whilst he is here.

So the end of the story: I met a new friend, got ripped off for renting a car and oh yes DO NOT EVER fly with Contnental Airlines!

Oh & by the way the 9.50pm flight was cancelled so it was the correct decision to abandon our luggage & drive.

The movie "Planes, trains & automobiles" jumps to my mind.


Almost American said...

Yikes! What an ending to your trip!
Glad you're home safely though.

Anonymous said...




Seriously, I have no words--



Janet said...

Funny, I was thinking of that very same movie as I was reading your post.

Still, all's well that ends well, but no thanks to Continental.

Janice (aka HRH, Mme. L) said...

Oh Ally...fate does put us in funny places with people we are meant to find in this life.

I am glad you made it back all in one piece. Now tell me, how long did it take for your luggage to arrive?

Janice (aka HRH, Mme. L) said...

I haven't flown Continental many times at all, but I do recall one time I did, I was bumped to first class, where they served the most delicious chilled asparagus soup.

Clearly, times have changed