Friday, June 6, 2008

Flying is no longer a luxury.

Having just returned from the homeland I have to comment on flying. Needless to say it took many hours and planes to get back home due to the flight cut backs.

I can remember....(I sound like a granny!) when flying was wonderful, not only were the alcohol drinks all free,they gave you two of each bottle so that you could shove them in your bag,free candy or an ice cream with the movie, very friendly & classy air stewards, warm face clothes to wipe over your face, a goody bag complete with socks, smellies & an eye mask just incase you sat next to an ugly person.

I'm sad to say that the only thing that has stayed the same is the food which has never been palatable. You know the words before they are spat at you "beef or chicken?" It does not really matter they are both full of MSG & give you wind(gas!)

I do not mind the extra security, or the long lines however the staff are so rude.

Our air hostess was chewing gum & blowing bubbles as she served the meal...nice classy chick.

My belt went through the security machine never to return...hello where could it have gone? I asked the security man to please look again, he did to no avail!

I said "where can it have gone?"

His reply "I dunno."

I said "What will I do if my pants fall down."

He said "I'll come and look for you."

Cheeky monkey, but I did appreciate his sense of humour!


Janet said...

Flying was never much of a luxury in my book, I have always hated it. And now you can't even numb your sensibilities for free. :(

Expatmum said...

Apparently the airlines are cutting flights even more. We'll soon be reminded just how lucky we are to be getting on a plane at all!

Daffodilly said...

Priveleged & paying exhorbitant prices!