Monday, June 9, 2008

Heavenly heat!

OH my gosh it is so hot here... 93 degrees & humid.

Like it, I love it. My bones are thawed out from the 10 feet of snow from that nasty mean old winter.

Out of desperation today we had to take a day off together Sir L & I. Not to go for a romantic lunch & a quickie, a stroll through the beautiful mountains or a quick dip in the gob smackingly looking lake.

Our hot date was to the garage to get the snow tyres taken off the rims....romantic heh?


Janet said...

I dislike the heat & the humidity just make it worse. To be honest I'd rather be freezing my arse off.

But that was one hell of a hot date you had there. How is it that we all get practical once we're married? :-)

Expatmum said...

We're hot and humid here too and although it's a tad uncomfortable, I have to keep my mouth shut after all the whining I did about our 6 month long winter.