Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So the temperatures are dropping rapidly over here in NH & we are waking upto frosts...brrrr!

Will Sir L put the heating on? Not on your nelly!

November 1st is heat day for myself and my three frozen babies!

Number 2 practically climbed into the oven tonight just to warm his hands up...I know oil is at a silly price & is expected to go up & down as fast as my thermals! We all have to make sacrifices. It's a difficult decision less wine or delay the hating coming on...guess which one won?

We are wearing extra fleeces and using our initiative yet today was a little too much on the chill side!

Sir L was delayed on a training course today...I was cold despite having the oven on making my delicious ( if I may say so myself!) homemade chicken chasseur. The thought of him sitting in a warm car for 2 hours was enough..I sneaked the heating on...oh what bliss!

The hats came off as the genuine glow of warmth filled our blue bodies!

A quick diversion here my friend came over for a cuppa with her dog who despite living with a cat decided to chase our Mittens! I put our cat outside so he could be safe and he ran up a tree.

Four hours later in the pitch black of the night he was still out there, mewing away. So after an hour of trying to coax him down (we got him down about 20 feet with another 25 feet to go) Sir L got a ladder and saved him.

My poor baby was fraught and needed many treats to restore his faith in me!

I guess we are down to 7 lives now!

By the way Sir L had just switched the heating off.....have to go to layer on the thermals!


Expat mum said...

Wait a minute - what kind of a feminist are you? Put that damn heating on. It got a bit cold here today so I put the heat on to "Auto". That way it's not me who's saying it's too cold, but the thermostat saying "You've dipped below the recommended temp". Can't blame me then.
Since it was the first time since about April we've had the heating on, the house smelled like it was on fire! But toasty.

Almost American said...

We're pretty frugal here, only setting the heat to 65 which most Americans would consider frigid, but we have the heat set on auto too so it's already kicked in this week. It's set to a lower temp while we're out during the day, and sets back to a cooler temperature about 9 at night too until 5 a.m. But none of this waiting until a specific date to switch the heat on (or off in the spring either!)

Janet said...

It's been a bit parky here the last couple of days. I haven't had to resort to the heating yet, as I prefer to feel cool, we may light the fire though.