Thursday, October 9, 2008


So last week Sir L had a parcel arrive..may I add that a big one it was.

When he opened it he had bought a metal this is taking the Yorkshire blood too far.

I could imagine our weekends as we played on the beach he would be bleeping away with a flat cap on his bent head looking like a right sad lad! Hoping to find that "special rare old coin" or a "diamond ring" that had been tossed out of a boat during a passionate argument.

Oh my I could hear people saying "here come the scavvers!"

It turns out that he wanted it so that we could find the well head at 6 sheds which no-one can find. The man who dug it cannot find it, the stick thing did not work so onto plan C.

The best comment from number 2 child was "dad this is a Hobo's dream."

So now when he goes off well head hunting...he says he is off "hobo-ing!"

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