Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Here is a good laugh for you!

When I first started to write this blog we had just got a cute tabby kitten. He was picture perfect with the blue twinkly eyes and white fluffy chest.

As always when a new item enters our world we give it a name. This can be said for items from cars to duvets to animals.

Of course along with the naming process there are numerous arguments as who should name the kitten. We all made suggestions that ranged from Fluffy, Tabby, Emma and on and on.

My 9 year old excitedly shouted out "I know, let's call him Seamen!"

Trying not to choke on his choice of words or reflect my utter "I've been smacked in the gob" look I asked him where he had heard that name. The conversation was as follows...

"Oh it's in that book we read."

Of course I am thinking he has found some pornography somewhere so trying not to be too emotional I enquire "which book."

"The one that we read together at night" he says.

Hmmm, not with me I'm thinking. "Are you sure?"

"Yes of course."

"Show me the book please?"

He goes to his room and brings down a Lewis & Clark book.

Thank god the Bearnaise dog they have is called Seaman!

Relief or what??

Strangely enough his grade are performing the play of Lewis & Clark....NO he is not Seaman!

By the way the kitten was called Mittens!


AliBlahBlah said...

Oh My God that's hilarious. Sometimes it's hard to keep a straight face isn't it?

Do you remember that character on Captain Pugwash called Seaman Staines? said...

Oh yes I do and we had no idea at the time!!!