Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jesus still exists!

For the past 2 years I have had a clicky neck.

It does not hurt, however as I turn my head from side to side I sound like Thomas the tank train rattling on his tracks...very strange!

Well the clicking recently went from a slightly annoying noise to a pain that would wake me up in the night as I turned over. This then became a huge issue as I would toss & turn waking up Sir L. Then my sleeping hours were disturbed & inadequate which lead to a grumpy mother and wife.

Sir L threatened divorce (jokingly) after a 6 month period as I would moan & groan & do nothing about it. He needed his sleep too.

A friend recommended a physical therapist so I booked an appointment......

All I can say being a non believer is that I have found Jesus!

My physical therapist diagnosed that my muscles were extremely tight & entrapped causing limited arm motion, neck and back pain. The reason or should we say cause is due to carrying kids on my hips...those darn little snuggly babies & cute toddlers have wrecked my body!

So now I have to go for therapy twice a week which is wonderful. (Thank you cute babies & toddlers.)

The therapist basically lays her hands on my muscles, I hardly feel a thing and then my arms go fizzy as the blood flows back into them.

I was very sceptical at first saying use more pressure as I expected a more vigorous and massage like approach.

Alas Daffodilly you were wrong!

The difference in my arm movements (which I did not know were heavily restricted) is amazing.
When I am lying on the couch & she puts her magic hands on me that really hardly seem to move I feel like one of the wounded who followed Jesus everywhere waiting for their turn to be cured.

Do not worry I am not becoming a bible basher but boy do I love physical therapy!

Who would have guessed Jesus would come back as a woman physical therapist!


Almost American said...

You remind me that I really should do something about my wonky shoulder. I tore something when I tried to lift a tray that was too heavy when I was waitressing, and it has never really recovered.

I did find a physical therapist who helped - but by the time I'd found the right one, my health insurance would only pay for a couple more visits that year. The exercises she did with me really worked, but I physically couldn't / can't do them on my own.

OTOH, a doctor in China sold me some pills that miraculously restored complete range of motion in 48 hours. They looked like rabbit droppings, and being sold to a foreigner, they were of course expensive.

Glad you've got some help! said...

Ohh rabbit droppings..interesting!