Thursday, June 4, 2009

Animal Retards

Our garden is turning into quite the animal sanctuary at the moment. Not the latest & greatest of animals more the retards & cast offs.

Our humming bird feeder is attracting lots of hummingbirds which are a delight to watch whilst sipping chilled wine in the screened porch. We have one that visits regularly who we call "Roger the Retard" as he arrives with the whirring of wings & then sits down for a rest, has a mouthful of food & then whirs away which is unusual as they normally feed as their wings continue to whir.

Then we have a pretty red chested hummingbird that we have named Halle after Halle Berry (Sir L's favourite lady.)

I'm looking for a suitable Colin Firth look alike...still looking!

We have just one turkey that gobbles away in the woods & then bombs it across our lawn. Since they normally travel in groups of 10 or more we have decided that he is "Billy No Mates." Maybe he should be called "Lucky" as he was the one that the coyotes did not get!

That brings me to coyotes those horrible yippy meanies! We have a pack that live in the fields behind us. At 7pm at night we hear there dreaded call which sends the shivers up your legs! They are a very eerie sounding animal, I always have the heart failure .....have I got all the animals in? We often hear them at 2am too after a successful night of hunting.......reminds me of the movie "Twilight." Spooky!

There is "Willard the woodpecker" who seems to forget that he should only peck old trees & is pecking way at our decent ones making holes as fast as he can.

We have chickadees nesting in our bird box..the first ones ever so hopefully they will have a cute fluffy chick or two that have 2 wings, 2 legs & a beak otherwise our cat may eat them!

That is about it for now.

Our neighbors have a moose and 2 bears so I guess I am grateful that we have the retards & unsociables that do not leave such big poops!


Almost American said...

We had a woodpecker pecking away at some 'good' trees too. Turned out they weren't. A colony of ants had eaten away the insides of the trunks and of course the woodpecker could hear them. One of the tress fell last winter, one is looking sickly and the third may yet survive, though I doubt it.

MikeH said...

I used to get hummingbirds, racoons and coyotes, and the occasional bear would wander through our town, as well. Now all I see is the occasional fox early in the morning, or the hooded-yob, which seem to come out at dusk.

ginger said...

why do thet peck at night do they hear the sound of bugs or ants?