Friday, June 19, 2009

Stay at home for a change!

I'm at home at the moment as school has finished and luckily my kids are in school until Wed at 12pm precisely.

I'm having the best time being able to appreciate the simple things in life:

1. A new project is on the way with the knitting......a hoodie sweater for number 3.

2. Long walks up & down the hill to firm the legs and buttocks before being exposed in a swimsuit.

3. Keeping Molly company. At last she is tiddling less on the floor.

4. Catching up with friends and talking on the phone.

5. Making darn delicious dinners that are served on time and are healthy.

6. De-cluttering the whole feels good to get rid!

7. Meeting the kids off the bus....good mother or what?

8. Visiting the library so I have something to read...I never have time to browse in a book shop!

9. Number 1 was sick so I was able to look after her as I was home..normally she would stay home alone with lunchtime check ins & many phone calls.

10. Look more closely at our bills as I need to see if we are paying too much for cable, cell phones etc. Yawn boring!

11. I stripped the bathroom floor today of its grubby lino as we are hoping to tile it this weekend.

The list could go on & on. I know that I will get bored & ultra broke if I do not go back to work soon however I am loving life at the mo!

Two weeks before I start my summer job!

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Almost American said...

I have a long list like that, but fear I will get very little of it accomplished. The kids get done with school on Tuesday. I finish next Friday :-( I will have 2 weeks this summer when they are both in camp at the same time - mornings only for one of them though. That will be all the time I have to myself to tick things off my list. I know I'm going to be tempted just to sit and have a coffee and read . . .